Recording Rider Times After Finishing the Race

Post date: Sep 11, 2013 11:05:48 AM

We all try to prevent this from happening. We look at the riders on course profile to see that all riders are accounted for.

But sometimes it happens - a rider we think is DNF rolls across the line after the race is finished.

If is still possible to record the rider's time after the race is finished.

From the Results screen, double-click on the rider to bring up the RiderDetail. In the RiderDetail screen, right-click on the lap times table in the lower-left, and choose "Add Missing Last Lap". CrossMgr will add a last lap based on the average of the other lap times.

If that is good enough, you are done. If the time is not right, right-click on the time you want to change and select "Correct...". Enter the updated time, either in "Race Time:" (time since the start of the race) or "24hr Clock Time" (time on your watch).

Problem solved.