Announcing TagReadWrite - Easily Read and Write Gen2 tags with the Impinj reader

Post date: Jan 17, 2014 12:37:13 PM

There is a new app available on the CrossMgr site: TagReadWrite (available here in the TagReadWrite section).

This utility makes it easy to program consecutive numbers with a common prefix or suffix onto Gen2 tags.

Multiple tags can be programmed with the same value simultaneously.

It is possible to program 20 tags per minute.

It works with the Impinj 420 and 220 reader.

To use the program, you configure a "template", "number" and an "increment".

The "number" and the "template" are combined to create the value to write on the tag. The "increment" is added to the number for the next write.

For example, if you can create a template of "#AA", set the number to 100 and increment to 1, the program will write tags "100AA", "102AA", "103AA", ... each time you press the "Write" button.

The template can contain any values 0-9A-F, and the '#' indicates where the number should go. As chip timing systems gain popularity, it is important that you add a unique suffix/prefix to the numbers. Otherwise, tags from other timers that riders are inadvertently carrying may interfere with your race.

You may wish to get a near-field rather than a long-range antenna - this makes it easier to protect chips you don't want to write.

I am looking for feedback. It might be useful to print a peel-and-stick label at the same time.