SprintMgr: Software for Track Sprint Competitions

Post date: Mar 28, 2013 11:19:41 PM

SprintMgr is software that manages Track Sprint Competitions.

SprintMgr manages all aspects of the competition including Seeding, Qualifiers, Events and Results.

It comes pre-programmed with all UCI spring formats, as well as halved formats for 8 and 12 riders.

SprintMgr handles all the details, scoring, ranking and so you can pay attention to what the riders are doing.

You can Print and Export all screens to Excel and Html.

There is also an innovative Graph display that shows the competition graphically.

SprintMgr is still experimental, but you can download it from the Files section.

Take a look at the ReadMe.txt document before using the software, although, it isn't that hard to learn.

Comments are welcome, but go easy as I have not yet used the software myself at a real event.

Manual backup is a requirement at this point.

Send me an email at edward.sitarski@gmail.com.