RaceDB/CrossMgr: Support for UCI ID

Post date: Mar 3, 2017 1:42:46 PM

As the UCI ID continues to roll out worldwide, RaceDB and CrossMgr have been enhanced to handle it.

RaceDB understand and accepts a "UCI ID" field in all Excel imports/exports, database syncs and on-screen forms. It also supports a "Nation Code" field. The old "UCI Code" (of the form IOCYYYYMMDD) is still supported, but will be deprecated in the future. The "Nation Code" and "UCI ID" fields fully supported with CrossMgr integration.

RaceDB can import the UCI ID in the official 999 999 999 99 format, as well as 99999999999 or an Excel number.

In addition to supporting the "UCI ID" and "Nation Code" fields, CrossMgr can generate UCI perfect Start Lists and Results spreadsheets in official UCI DataRide Excel format. These spreadsheets can be directly uploaded into the UCI DataRide system.

Just select the "UCI" publish option in the Batch Publish screen. The appropriate spreadsheets will be created in the same folder as the CrossMgr race file.

Available in RaceDB 1.2.59 (and higher) and in CrossMgr 2.9.7 (and higher).