CrossMgr: Real-time results now easy with new Web feature

Post date: Jan 6, 2016 1:26:16 PM

Real-time results at a race used to painful.

Set up a web server. Set up an FTP server. Configure CrossMgr to publish in real-time.

Deal with all the stress during a race.

This entire process is now easy, and anyone can support real-time results at the race site with a local Wifi.

Results of the real-time race will be available on tablets connected to a local Wifi.

You can also easily set up result Kiosks showing results of all races, including real-time results of the race underway.

The "trick" is that CrossMgr is now a web server itself with the capability to serve its internal content from the running race. It can also server up other race results that took place during the day.

Tablets can be easily connected to the CrossMgr link via the QR Code app. CrossMgr creates a QR Code (which can be printed) which any QR Code app can read. The tablet can then instantly jump to the results page.

For details, see CrossMgr Help. Search for "web".

Available in CrossMgr 2.2.13 and greater.