CrossMgr 2.0: Yes, it is smarter

Post date: Nov 17, 2014 5:19:55 PM

CrossMgr 2.0 is smarter with multi-category races and a single lap counter.

In previous releases, is was sometimes necessary to manually set Race Laps for each category in the Categories screen.

This would show "extra" projected laps for riders that were lapped by the fastest category leader, but not their own category, and required a "Pull after Lap End..." so that the phantom lap was not counted in the results.

Now, in CrossMgr 2.0, you probably don't need to do anything.

It fully handles the cases when:

  • The first start is not the fastest category.

  • Different categories do a different number of laps during the race time.

  • Riders are lapped by the fastest category leader, but not by their race leader, and complete fewer laps.

As usual, if you want to use multiple lap counters or specifically control the laps for each category, you can do so by setting the Race Laps as before.

If you were explicitly setting category Race Laps previously, you may not need to do anything.