CrossMgr: Better Real-time Web Results

Post date: Aug 26, 2017 1:40:56 PM

CrossMgr 2.10.30 now supports better real-time web results.

At race site, when connected to the CrossMgr web server, new race results are now "pushed" to the web page as soon as they are recorded.

Previously, it was necessary to press the "Refresh" button on the results page to see the latest results.

The automatic update is less confusing to new users (and announcers) who were concluding that the results page was broken when it didn't update after the riders went by.

To see a demo:

  1. Start CrossMgr

  2. Do Tools/Simulate Race... - select "Mass Start Race"

  3. Do Web/Index Page, and select "Simulation" to get to the results page.

  4. When the page opens up in the browser, watch how newly recorded results appear automatically in the animation and in the results.

Of course, pressing the "Results" button (or doing a browser refresh) will also update the results.

To see a demo with a tablet:

  1. Make sure the CrossMgr computer and the tablet are on the same local wifi network.

  2. Do Tools/Simulate race... - select "Mass Start Race"

  3. Do Web/Index Page

  4. Press the "Share" button at the top of the web page. This will create a QR-code of the page.

  5. Point your tablet at the computer screen, and use the tablet's QR-code reader to get to the page (on Android, see here).

  6. When the web page appears on the tablet, select "Simulation" to bring up the results.

  7. Watch how newly recorded results automatically appear on the tablet page.

Because this feature is accomplished with a web socket server, it will only work at the CrossMgr race site.

If the results page is served from a public web site (say, if the page is automatically ftp'd to it), then the refresh button will have to be used.