Announcing CallupSeedingMgr: Quick and easy callups and seeding at races

Post date: Dec 2, 2014 12:19:20 PM

CallupSeedingMgr is a program that allows you to create callups and seeding for races in seconds.

It is so fast, you can easily do callups with day-of registration. You can download it from here.

CallupSeedingMgr supports any number of callup criteria for example, UCI Points rankings, National Points, Last Year's Results, etc.

CallupSeedingMgr works with your existing Excel sheet where you probably have all the data required for the callups already.

A full tutorial, with example Excel sheet is included with the program. Press the "Tutorial" button, then work through the example.

CallupSeedingMgr can produce output by highest rank first (for callups), or by highest rank last (for time trials).

You can manually edit the sequence on-screen, then save it in Excel format.

It shows its work completely so you can check for problems. Click anywhere on a cell on the screen to see where the criteria came from.

The program uses sound-alike match to reliably combine UCI Codes and potentially misspelled names. This allows it to use data from the UCI site directly (instructions included).

Stop spending hours doing callups! Try CallupSeedingMgr!