Create Callup sequences (for 'Cross and MTB) and Seeding sequences (for TTs) in seconds based on *any* number of criteria including UCI Points, National Standings and previous year's results.

Configure your registration information in an Excel spreadsheet and add all you ranking criteria, including standings pasted from the UCI website.
Re-generate callups instantly after changing pre-registration or day-of information.

UCI IDs make this easy, CallupSeedingMgr also uses sophisticated name matching using alternate spellings and/or missing accents if you don't have UCI IDs.  It also shows inexact matches, with the spreadsheet row number, allowing you to correct mistakes in the reference data.

Of course, if UCI IDs or unique License codes are available, it will use those first.

Output is in ranked order for callups, or reversed order for TTs, in Excel format.

CallupSeedingMgr saves hours of tedious work and enables callups to be done based on day-of registration.