CrossMgr: Auto-configure Categories from the Excel Spreadsheet

Post date: Oct 29, 2015 12:36:38 PM

CrossMgr can now configure race categories directly from the Excel Spreadsheet containing rider information.

The feature also automatically configures the Bib Numbers for each category.

Just configure an EventCategory column in you Excel sheet (DataMgmt menu) and choose the Initialize CrossMgr Categories from Excel EventCategory and Bib# columns option.

The first time this will create CrossMgr categories. You can then edit the CrossMgr categories to the particulars of your races (Wave/Components, Start Offset, Race Laps, etc.).

Your Category edits will be preserved when the Excel sheet changes, but of course, the Category Bib numbers will be updated to reflect additions/deletions in the spreadsheet.

This makes it much easier to support races where there are no category number ranges and rider compete in multiple categories during the day.

Available in CrossMgr 2.1.85.