UCI Penalties Table Updated (for officials)

Post date: Jun 27, 2013 1:53:22 PM

Ever wonder what is the penalty for the 2nd "sticky bottle" you took in today's road stage?

Or what it would cost Tom Boonen if he wore his World Champion's Jersey at a MTB race?

Wonder no longer.

Just download the UCIPenalties html file. Keep it as a file on your computer and bring it up in your browser.

Much faster than working with the UCI rulebook, and easy to cut-and-paste into communiques.

By the way, no one is allowed to email saying "How come the table headers scroll off the screen?" without proposing a constructive, workable solution. There does not seem to be a way to do it in css/html, and I can't use JQuery (or some other tool) because it would not work off-line.

Please, please! If you know how to fix this, download the html file, make the changes, and send it back to me.

I will incorporate the solution going forward.