RaceDB: New RFID Tag Check Workflow

Post date: Apr 1, 2018 1:24:03 PM

The latest version of RaceDB 1.32.73 supports a workflow requiring that each rider's RFID tag is checked before the registration is considered successful.

If the rider checked in via self-serve tag read, or if reg staff read the tag then the tag is considered "checked".

However, if the rider is identified by bib number, license or name, a tag check will be prompted for the reg staff.

Staff then press the "Check Tag" button and RaceDB will validate that the tag is working correctly.

Once a rider's tag has been checked at a Competition, reg staff won't be prompted again.

This ensures that the rider has his/her tag and that the tag is working before the race.

If you don't want tag checking, uncheck the "Do Tag Check" box in the "Competition Edit" screen. This will return to the old functionality.

In the past, the greatest source of errors was in results (rider incorrectly +/- laps, unidentified riders, etc.).

CrossMgr error correction and RFID readers have greatly eliminated these problems. Now, almost all race issues can be traced back to problems in registration..

RaceDB RFID workflow checking is one step closer to "the perfect race" - all riders have correct and working tags, correct and unique bib numbers, signed waivers, correct licenses with everyone is in the right category.