PointsRaceMgr: New Update

Post date: Feb 14, 2016 7:06:13 PM

This is nothing like "eating your own dogfood" (or perhaps, drinking your own champagne ;).

After a day of officiating as Finish Judge at the Milton Track this weekend (5 Points Races in a row), I am happy to report that was possible to score the races and keep up with the timing system using PointsRaceMgr.

A few things could have been easier.

Specifically, laps up/down is with a drop-down rather than typing.

The results now update immediately after making any changes rather than having to hit Enter.

If you need to score a points race (madison, points-a-lap, snowball), or a criterium scored by points, PointsRaceMgr makes it easy. It also comes with all the tie-breaking rules by event type - or customize the options for your own race format.

Available here.