Salmon Beach Committee General Meeting - May 20, 2012

Salmon Beach Committee

General Meeting

Sunday, May 20, 2012 at 10:00 am

Salmon Beach, BC


Committee Members Present: Tony Bennett, Gina Skippen, Dave Ingram, Terry Graff, Kel Roberts

Committee Member Absent: Jill Maiback

Guest: Steve Carballeira, a wastewater expert from H2O Environmental Ltd., in Port Alberni, BC.

The meeting was called to order at 10:30 am by Chairman Dave Ingram.

Attendance: The number of Salmon Beach lot owners who registered at the meeting was 150.

Announcements: D. Ingram

1. Attendees were asked to stand and state their name when making a comment or asking a question at the meeting.

2. Questions or concerns, by lot owners, that arise in the future should be submitted in writing to the Chairperson of the Salmon Beach Committee (SBC) at P.O. Box 1181, Ucluelet, BC V0R 3A0. Your correspondence will be reviewed by the SBC at their next meeting and you will receive a response from them as soon as they are able.


Dave Ingram read the Agenda which was posted on the Salmon Beach website:

1. Status of 2012 Budget – D. Ingram

a. ACRD Report on Budget – $125,000 in sewage capital expenditures was added from the reserve fund, and payment for the Pump Truck was completed during 2012 reducing the debt payment to $15,500. The cost per lot that the SBC had presented to the owners in September 2011 is the same, though some amounts have shifted within the budget.

b. Well Improvement – Funds have been set aside for this, however issues regarding the sani-field need to be resolved prior to any well improvement.

2. Work Plan – Kathy Holland, SB Manager

a. The big project for this year is the sani-field. Inspection and planning are on schedule and on budget.

b. First Aid – Kathy Holland reported that there are now two emergency first aid equipment & AED (defibrillator) cabinets on the back wall of the admin building. These are both hooked up to loud alarms that will sound when opened.

c. Red Cross Signs – Kathy informed us that these signs are available for owners to place in their windows, when they are in residence, if they are able to volunteer to provide medical assistance if needed. Please contact Kathy if you are interested in participating and she will provide you with a sign and the access code for the first aid cabinets in the admin building.

3. Request to ACRD for SBC Bylaw Changes – D. Ingram

    1. Amendments to the bylaw for the SBC are still under consideration by the ACRD. The ACRD has a variety of different committees and they will be undertaking a review of all the bylaws and operating procedures, hopefully prior to the next Salmon Beach (SB) general meeting.
    2. The SBC Directors are appointed by the ACRD on recommendation by the SB owners.
    3. Price Carson – questioned how the SBC works. Tony Bennett explained that the current bylaws allow for encouragement by the ACRD (via the SBC Directors) for proper representation by owners as to how our budget is managed and disbursed.
    4. Caroline Lennox asked when the SBC was formed, and what their mandate is.
    5. Rosalind Evertsz – queried if there are questions or suggested additions to the current Bylaws, when and who would those be submitted to. Dave I. stated this topic will be addressed under New Business.

4. Sani-Field – A report from the ACRD was reviewed by Andy Daniel, Manager of Environment Services for the ACRD (also a lot owner at SB).

The current sani-field has been in place for 20 years and was not designed for its current use. Steve Carballeira, of H2O Environmental Ltd., has done some test holes. The West side of the field had areas of breakout, and has been shut down by the ACRD. We are currently using the East side only. Andy presented four options for the SB owners to consider regarding solving the current situation and for future planning. Dave Ingram stated that whatever upgrade we choose, it needs to be engineered and tendered, and time is of the essence.

In general, the owners would like to better understand how the sani-field works.

There will be better filters, a curtain drain to keep rain and ground water off the field, and a settling tank or equalization chamber(s) installed with which ever option we decide upon.

Discussion from the audience ensued. Caroline Lennox questioned future costs and environmental treatments. Steve C. shared his expertise regarding the pros and cons of each option. Option C, which was recommended by Andy and Steve, was explained as a peat based treatment system, guaranteed for 10+ years. SB is seasonal usage, so the peat will be able to rejuvenate itself and consequently last even longer…possibly up to 20 years. The system would increase the capacity of what we now have, and it is a straight forward design that can be easily added to over time. It would be a phased approach. Steve commented that there is no downside to Option C. Additionally, the recommended option falls within the current sewage capital expenditures budget. Steve explained that Sproat Lake has a similar system which costs approximately $600/year to maintain. That cost would fall under each year’s budget. It is proven technology but it is essential that it be maintained.

Motion: Moved by Price Carson and seconded by Ann Wodak to approve and proceed with Option C, as outlined. Motion carried by show of hands.

Kathy Holland, SB Manager – Reported that scheduling of dumping is key so that the system does not get over burdened, and that currently they dump Monday-Friday, but endeavor to skip a day so the field has time to rest. It would be very helpful if owners who dump septic on their own let Kathy know their plans. “Be kind to your sani-field, and it will be kind to you.”

5. Sub-Committees

    1. Dave Ingram. Help is needed on the sub-committees, so please volunteer on the sign-up sheet at the front. Thanks to those people who have volunteered.
    2. Boat Ramp – D. Ingram. Not much has happened recently, but be aware that environmental rules on the West coast have increased.
    3. Vegetation – Caroline Lennox produced a report from their committee which included a survey for owners to complete regarding vegetation management on private property. She asked that people who wish to receive the survey sign the sheet at the front. Tony Bennett stated that if SB wished to pursue bylaw changes on this topic, it would fall under Transportation in the budget, but would be a costly endeavor with minimal effect.
    4. Garbage – D. Ingram. There has been a suggestion to move the garbage outside the main gate. That property belongs to the first nations and the ACRD would be the body who would negotiate such an arrangement. Tony stated that such a cost would be paid out of SBC budget Services.

· Len Jerritt suggested we maintain the status quo, and consider dust control.

· Kevin Middlemass lives on the road to the garbage and is very concerned with the dust, high level of traffic, speed of drivers, late hours of use, etc., and wants to move the garbage.

· Rosalind Evertsz suggested limiting the hours of operation and installing a chain during closure times.

· Terry Smith suggested calcium based dust inhibitor.

· Dave Maudie suggested the garbage be located at the front entrance.

· Robert Lommen has all driving and liability credentials and volunteered to drive the truck if/when we water down the dusty roads.

· Motion: Moved by Darren Clark and seconded by Ann Wodak to keep the garbage where it is.

· Amendment to the Motion: moved by Kel Roberts and seconded by Len Jerritt that the SBC be empowered to look at other short and long term alternatives to solve garbage concerns. Motion carried by show of hands.

· Then there was a Motion to Receive by Darren Clarke and seconded by Roberta Hendrickson. Motion carried by show of hands that the garbage will remain where it is.

6. 2013 Budget Overview – D. Ingram. Parcel taxes may be reduced by approximately $100. The information will be on the website in August 2012.

7. New Business – Questions from the floor

    1. Rosalind Evertsz inquired whether proxy voting is possible for general meetings. Tony Bennett responded by saying that the ACRD Board has the vote. It takes our recommendations, but proxy voting does not apply.
    2. Owners would like to have the Agenda for meetings in advance. Motion: Moved by Rosalind Evertsz and seconded by Ann Wodak that a Notice of Meeting and draft Agenda be posted on the website two weeks in advance of general meetings. Motion failed. (The Bylaws provide for Notice and Agenda to be posted 48 hours prior to meetings.)
    3. Roberta Veenstra asked about planning for incoming Japanese tsunami debris. Tony Bennett reported that the province has set up a task force, but there is no action plan as yet.

8. General Vote for SBC Candidates – for appointment by the ACRD Board. Terry Graff, Kel Roberts, Gina Skippen, Jill Maiback, Len Jerritt, Price Carson and Rosalind Evertsz were nominated for the 5 Salmon Beach Committee member positions. Tony Bennett then took the floor. He asked each person if they would stand. Price Carson replied ‘no’. Tony then asked two more times if the remaining 6 people would stand. Each answered affirmative.

The voting commenced. 62 ballots were cast and counted by four SB owners. Terry Graff, Kel Roberts, Gina Skippen, Jill Maiback and Len Jerritt were elected.

Motion: Moved by Ann Wodak and seconded by Dawn Hansen that the five (5) elected Directors be approved. Motion carried by show of hands.

Motion: Moved by Dawn Hansen and seconded by Ann Wodak that the ballots be destroyed. Motion carried by show of hands.

The meeting was adjourned at 1 pm by Chairman Dave Ingram.

Respectfully submitted by Karen Bennett