Executive Committee Meeting Minutes - July 3rd 2009

Minutes of Committee Meeting – July 3/09

Our first official committee meeting took place on Friday, July 3/09. The meeting ran from 10:45 – 4:30 with a break for lunch. All committee members were present: Dave Maudie (Chair), Jill Maibach, Terry Graff, Gina Skippen and Cindy Irwin Lunde. Also in attendance were Kathy Holland and Tony Bennett.

Old Business – Questions / Concerns From AGM

Q) An explanation regarding the spending of $9000.00 to develop Crown land

A) It was advised that $2887.50 was spent to break ground which in turn would have been used to store utility vehicles, etc. Permits were required, but were not obtained, stopping the work. The remaining funds were used to remedy a drainage problem at the new playground.

Q) Who can ask questions of the committee?

A) Owners on title

Q) Proper minutes not kept.

A) We commit to open and transparent communication. Minutes will be posted on our New Website : http://sites.google.com/site/salmonbeachinfo/your-executive

We will email out the minutes to all folks who have given us their email addresses. Folks who do not have email access will receive a paper copy sent via the postal service.

Q) How owners can approach us

A) All requests should be put in writing and sent to the following address:

P.O. Box 1181, Ucluelet, B.C., V0R 3A0

Requests from Owners

  • Memorial Benches
    • An owner requested that we look at allowing memorial benches to be established within our community. Requests for locations will be assessed on an individual basis and family input will guide your committee.
    • Owners will be required to maintain the bench.
  • Owner requests reviewed, discussed and answered

– 2 thank you letters – Cindy to prepare thank you letters and to be signed by Chair

  • Road request was reviewed and responded to
  • Community concerns and issues presented at Spring AGM were responded to by ACRD staff.
  • Owners request for review of Salmon Beach Security was received and tabled for future consideration.
    • Existing contract for Security and Maintenance Manager will be put to Tender for the years 2010 and 2011.
  • Request for Dead End Sign was reviewed and responded to
    • The Committee will review all areas of Salmon Beach and establish a standard that is compliant with Highway Standards.

Committee Role Clarification

Tony Bennett again clarified our responsibilities for this committee. The primary role as outlined in Bylaw A1067 established by the ACRD on Feb 25/2009 is to create a work plan and annual budget by October of each year. A copy was distributed prior to our May AGM.

As such, requests of a budgetary nature can be forwarded to this committee.

Examples of areas that may require funding:

  • Social Committee
  • Property Protection Committee

Other issues outside of budgetary concern may require community involvement, but not that of the Executive Committee. Sub Committees could be formed by community volunteers and others with a vested interest in a particular area.

Establishing Sub Committees

The following areas would require the establishment of Sub Committees. If you are interested in joining one of these committees please let any one of your committee members know.

  • Property Protection (Budgetary)
  • Social committee (Budgetary)
  • Cottage Watch (Non-Budgetary) - in conjunction with the local RCMP detachment


The committee members will attend a budgetary training session at the ACRD during the week of July 20th. The scope of which is to understand the previous budget/capital expenditures and work plan in order to develop the 2010/2011 budget.

Two meetings in August have also been planned to prepare the 2010/2011 preliminary budget, which will be published on the Salmon Beach website two weeks prior to the September 6th AGM, where it will be officially presented to the community for input. Once the proposed budget has been passed in principal, it will be forwarded to the ACRD for their approval.

Miscellaneous Items

Continuing with the Forum

The committee will include this topic on the September AGM and we can vote on whether or not we want to continue to support this site.

Letterhead and Logo update

As we cannot locate the original logo, all attempts will be made to replicate the original logo. We have enlisted a young artistic volunteer to reproduce the original logo and to present it to the committee.

Purchasing Policy clarification

  • The Manager/Security has the ability to purchase goods/services up to $2500.00
  • Purchases over $2500.00 and up to $20,000.00 must be approved by the Committee.
  • Purchases over $20,000.00 must go out for Tender through the ACRD.
  • Purchasing Policy Document from the ACRD


A brief discussion was held on us becoming incorporated; a long term outlook for our community.


  • BC Hydro expects to have a plan for our area by mid-July
  • They also ask that we DO NOT take the spools – they are worth $475.00 a spool!

Septic field

  • A committee member will investigate the capacity of our existing septic field; possible 5 year budgetary plan to accommodate the expansion of our community.
  • On this subject Tony Bennett mentioned that the ACRD was concerned with sewage being transported over our roads by other methods excluding our own pump and haul truck.

Society Question

A Committee member will investigate our involvement as a Society and as well as our belonging to the ACRD to determine if they are in harmony.


A new website has been created as a vehicle to house all of our information. It was developed by a Committee member and it will be continually updated. On it you will find the minutes of our meetings as well as other pertinent information. This will be our primary method of sharing information with the community.



A committee member will investigate our existing Insurance Policies to ensure we have adequate coverage.

We are looking into the following policies:

  • Our main Policy Insurance
  • Directors and Officers Insurance
  • Volunteer Insurance
  • WCB coverage

Committee Education

On June 25th four committee members (along with Kathy Holland) met with the Manager of Horne Lake. The purpose of the meeting was to gather information and share best practices. They are similar in size to us. The main difference is that they have deemed themselves a Bare Land Strata while we have our fees attached to our Property Taxes. A lot of worthwhile information was exchanges with the committee members coming back with many takeaways that we could look at implementing.


The committee is proposing establishing two cleanup weeks a year, to coordinate with Spring and Fall AGM meetings. The idea is to put out your old treasures for a community review, if not repurposed/recycled it will be hauled away at the end of these weeks.

Property Purchases 2008 - clarification

The following lots were purchased for future consideration at a cost of $81,000.00

Lot numbers: 3906, 3907, 5401

The following lots were purchased for $1.00 each to provide parking at the boat ramp:

Lot numbers: 6308. 6309, 6310