Salmon Beach Committee Fall General Meeting – Budget Discussion and Approval Sunday, August 31, 2014

Salmon Beach Committee

Fall General Meeting – Budget Discussion and Approval

Sunday, August 31, 2014 at 10:00 am

Salmon Beach, BC


Present: Salmon Beach Committee: Terry Graff, Kel Roberts, Jill Maibach and Len Jerritt

Tony Bennett, Area Director ACRD

Guest: James Yates, Yates Environmental Services, Spokane, WA

The meeting was called to order at 10:20 am by Chairman Kel Roberts

The Agenda was posted at

Attendance: 49 lots were represented, by approximately 70 people present.

Introduction: Kel Roberts

1. Kel introduced all committee members and Tony Bennett

2. Attendees were asked to stand and state their name when making a comment or asking a question at the meeting, and to limit their time allotment.


1. Chairman – Kel Roberts

Please refer to the Salmon Beach Committee website ( or google Salmon Beach Committee for updates on developments/progress at Salmon Beach.

2. Area Director – Tony Bennett, ACRD

a. Tony congratulated the committee on preparing the form letter for owners to utilize when contacting their local MLA, and Scott Fraser, ACRD MLA, to request provincial support and recognition of the Salmon Beach community.

b. Russell Dyson is filling in for staff shortages at the ACRD, so please be patient while he catches up on Salmon Beach issues.

c. Andy Daniel, ACRD Manager of Environmental Services, is on medical leave.

d. Tony pointed out that this meeting is a courtesy meeting. It is important that we vote on issues and show our support for developments at Salmon Beach, but he wants us to be aware that what we determine at our community meetings are recommendations to the ACRD Board.

e. The septic field – The ACRD wants to keep accurate records of usage and flow at the sani-field, and has agreed to produce accurate sani-field records to the Toquaht Nation.

3. ACRD Chief Admin Officer – delivered by Kel Roberts

a. Salmon Beach Manager - the ACRD is working with the SBC on options for the services provided by Kathleen during the transition. There will be no disruption of service, and the community will be advised as the plan takes shape.

b. Boat Ramp – contract has been let to Crowe Excavating and Trucking for $35,870, and is scheduled for Sept 3-21.

c. Short Street drainage – contract has been let to Denis Francoeur Backhoeing Ltd for $42,442.

d. Salmon Beach pressurized water – ACRD will review water provision options this fall, and will report back to us.

e. Salmon Beach Committee – a new bylaw, A1077, has been drafted to update the terms of the committee, and their activities and duties, as requested by the community. A copy of the draft was available at the meeting, and comments can be directed to Wendy Thomson (

4. Salmon Beach Manager – Year to Date - delivered by Kel Roberts

a. Road side mowing has been ongoing.

b. Care of the biffy’s – clean out of the biffy’s went from 16 to 40 cleanouts since last year.

c. Short Street and boat ramp improvement contracts have been let for early September.

d. Dust Control – August 22nd was the first application. It has not been done on all streets yet.

e. Security screens have been added to the sani field to prevent vandalism.

f. Salmon Beach road was graded each month.

g. Garbage bin is corroded and needs replacing, and two of the walkways there need replacing.

h. Front deck on the Admin Building needs replacing.

i. Pump and Haul is on overload in July and August. Please be sure to schedule sani-pumping well in advance, so that we avoid emergencies, as there is a limit of how much effluent can be added to the field each day.

j. The sani-field gate has been repaired.

k.The sani-field security camera needs replacing.

l. Owners - please install holding tanks and be very careful with gray and black water disposal. We are responsible for our own personal and guest effluent.

New Business

5. Proposed 2015 Budget

a. As a result of the Salmon Beach Manager’s report there was discussion regarding amending the budget. A motion to amend the proposed 2015 Garbage budget to reflect replacement of the garbage bin and walkways to a maximum of $10,000 was passed by show of hands, bringing the total Garbage budget to $39,150.

b. A motion to amend the proposed 2015 Sewer Budget to reflect replacement of the security camera was tabled because such cost would be included in sani-system repair.

An audience member suggested that the budget should be closer to the actual cost. After discussion, it is believed that the difference noticed is probably due to carry over from previous year’s budgets that were not utilized.

It was suggested that a column for the previous year’s budget amount be included with the current year so that we can have a comparison at hand.

c. A proposal by Gina Skippen, presented by Jill Maibach, to form a community events committee asked for $2000 seed money. It was reported that 20 people have volunteered to be on the committee. A motion to amend the proposed 2015 Recreation budget by $2000 for the social committee, bringing the total to $41,450, was passed by show of hands.

d. Kel introduced James Yates to discuss his recommendations for analysis, improvement and use of our sani-field. So far James has donated his time, however, there will be need for additional professional services and suggested that our budget be amended to reflect an additional $5000 for professional services. A Motion to amend the proposed 2015 Sewer budget by $5000, bringing the total to $68,750, was passed by show of hands.

The total budget for 2015, with amendments, is $393,050 and the proposed parcel tax for 2015 will be $1031.63/lot. This amount may be reduced by year end, and once the regional district has their budget discussions. Also, adjustments as a result of the redefined SB manager position will most likely effect the end result.

Tony reminded us that this budget is a ‘recommendation’ to the ACRD from the owners at Salmon Beach, and that the budget projects for the year are determined by previous year’s cost (historic) and anything new that is required. The ACRD wants to show courtesy and inclusivity to Salmon Beach residents and hear our input regarding how our money is spent, and that is the primary purpose of the budget meeting. The ACRD regional budget is determined in February/March each year, and the public is welcome to provide input at that time as well. He pointed out that if an emergency occurs that requires funding, the ACRD would act and notify SBC, and follow-up with a review of those expenses in February. He also pointed out that if monies are left over they carry over to next year in the same envelope.

Kel Roberts moved that the proposed 2015 budget be approved, as amended, seconded by Terry Graff. Motion passed by show of hands.

Information Updates and Discussion

1. Logging activity – the logging adjacent to Salmon Beach has been mostly completed.

2. Boat Ramp – Kevin Middlemass

a. Has asked repeatedly for signs, particularly “no overnight parking”, for the boat ramp area, and so far has received no response. The SBC will follow up.

3. Proposed Multi-use metal building

The proposed feasibility study has been tabled for now.

4. Community Gathering Place -

The proposal for the gathering place to be moved to Lot 10 and located on a 20’X20’ pad was discussed. It would be below road grade and out of the way of the boat ramp.

One audience member thought more owners should participate in the vote, but our voting has always been done by the people who show up to our meetings.

Kevin M. gave a bit of history and support, and said that on many occasions people there have assisted boaters.

One man liked the idea of the gathering place but objected to the location.

Lorne Campbell mentioned the kayakers that gather and launch at the beach and add to the congestion there.

Jill Maibach stated that the ballot is the next step in the life of the gathering place and that we should take a vote.

It was asked how the move and new construction would be funded and Kevin stated that it will be funded completely by donation.

5. Toquaht Bay Boat Launch and Marina

The boat launch and marina in now open. Kel shared the moorage fees and boat launch fee as posted by the Toquaht First Nations. Kel has consulted with them and notes that a “locals” rate is possible. Charges will apply from mid-May through mid-September. At other times of the year there is no charge.

6. Sani Field Status – James Yates

James has 20 years of experience in field service and is a lot owner at Salmon Beach. He has had a look at our sani field and says that for the foreseeable future, i.e. 5 years, what we have is OK. After that there are potential environmental requirement changes coming and certainly more lots will be built out. What we have is a biological sewage treatment system and the long term viability of the current location is questionable. He wants us to understand our options first so that we can better utilize the resources we have. The current lease is 30 years, reviewable every 10 years. In the short term he emphasizes the need to spread out the timing of the pump and haul schedule. Please owners – check your tanks regularly and try to anticipate your timing needs.

7. MLA Letter

A proposed form letter was handed out at the meeting and is also available on the Salmon Beach website. The letter is a request by lot owners for recognition of our community by the government. Please write to your own MLA and ACRD MLA Scott Fraser. These ministers need to be pressured by us to address our community access needs.

8. Gathering Place Vote

Attendees were asked to submit their ballots regarding the gathering place. Kel Roberts, Ginny Jerritt and Kevin Middlemass counted them with a result of 28 votes for and 21 votes against.

Tony will notify us when the ACRD Board is scheduled to discuss this, probably sometime in October, and suggested people can certainly attend and make a presentation at that time.

9. Alder Trees

Jean Kirincic stated that people are now cutting alder trees but then leaving them and suggested they are a fire hazard. She also objected to Alder trees getting very tall on people’s lots. Any cutting of Alder trees requires the permission of the lot owner.

10. Building Regulations on ACRD website

It was reported that the regulations are outdated on the website. Terry Graff will check into this. (ACRD has been notified per Terry)

Tony Bennett thanked the SBC and said that our relationship is constantly improving.

Question and answer period – All questions were addressed during the course of the meeting.

Meeting Adjourned at 11:50 am.

Minutes recorded by Karen Bennett