Salmon Beach Committee Meeting with the Salmon Beach Owners May 18, 2014

Salmon Beach Committee Meeting with the Salmon Beach Owners

May 18, 2014 – 10 am, Tennis Court, Salmon Beach Recreational Village


Present: The Salmon Beach Committee (Jill Maibach, Terry Graff, Ken Lunde, Len Jerritt and Kel Roberts)

Tony Bennett- Area C Director

Russell Dyson – ACRD Chief Administrative Officer

Andy Daniel – ACRD Representative & Environmental Officer

Kathleen Holland – Barkley Sound Management

Lot owners representing 64 lots. Approximately 85 people total.

The meeting was called to order at 10:20 am by Chairman Kel Roberts.

Introductions and Announcements:

Kel introduced the Salmon Beach Committee (SBC) and guests.

He also reviewed the Statement of Conduct for the meeting and asked people to identify themselves when asking questions, and to limit their time.


· Chairman’s report – Kel Roberts

1. A meeting between the SBC and several members of the Toquaht Nation was held on May 9, 2014 at the residence of Kathleen Holland. The purpose of the meeting was two-fold – To have a casual meet and greet with a goal to improve relations with the Band, and to be available to address any concerns that may exist. It went well and was very cordial. Thanks to Kathleen for hosting the meeting. Len Jerritt will be SBC liaison with the Toquaht Nation.

2. Logging – Thanks to Jerry Rumold of Deer Bay Contracting for sourcing, pursuing, and installing the temporary bridge at Wendy Creek. He did this work at no cost to Salmon Beach. As a result, there will be no logging trucks travelling through Salmon Beach property.

3. Boat Ramp at Toquart Bay – There is no progress to report regarding the opening of a boat ramp at Toquart, but the Band has shared with us that when people inquire about the Salmon Beach boat ramp they tell them that it is private.

· Area C Director –Tony Bennett

1. He was pleased to see a good turn-out at our meeting.

2. The ACRD has passed a motion to recognize local first nations and traditional lands at all their meetings going forward.

3. Thanks to Russell and Andy for their ongoing work to assist Salmon Beach as it develops and evolves.

4. Thanks to the SBC for engaging the Toquaht Nation at their recent meeting. He believes it will bode well for the future.

5. Tony announced that the ACRD has received the resignation of Kathleen Holland of Barkley Sound Management, effective September 30, 2014. He thanked her very much for her service.

6. He announced an open house at the Ucluelet Community Centre, at 7 pm on Thursday, May 22, and invited anyone interested to attend.

7. Logging and the Wendy Creek Bridge – The Toquaht Nation wanted to bypass Salmon Beach property and not disrupt our community. There is no community forest license currently, which contributed to the tough situation that existed, but that license is under review for the Barkley corridor, so hopefully road conditions will improve in the future. Also, the Forest Service demanded permits, which the Band was able to obtain. Thanks to Russell Dyson for nudging things along in that regard.

· ACRD Rep and Environmental Officer – Andy Daniel

1. Boat Ramp project – the design drawings to widen the boat ramp for easier use and better function have been received, reviewed, and approved The ramp will be 1.5 meters wider, and the floats and pilings will be moved. Permits from the Crown, DFO and MOT? are required. This capital expense is estimated at $45,000, to come out of the capital reserve fund. The floats will still be removed each Winter.

2. Short Street ditch project – the plan to infill the ditches along Short Street, in order to increase boat trailer parking has been approved. The next step is to tender both the ditch project and boat ramp project at the same time, and that should be happening shortly.

3. Community Gathering Place – a portion of the structure infringes on property that is designated for the boat ramp lease. It will need to be moved, and Andy has been in touch with Kevin Middlemiss to ask that it be moved by June 30. Andy suggested that there can be ACRD support for such a facility, but that a formal proposal needs to be prepared, including the intended use, specific location, and design particulars, and submitted to the ACRD Board for review. The use cannot be for a bar. Kevin voiced his concern that this could take quite some time, but Andy indicated that the process does not need to be long.

4. Wendy Creek Bridge - The Toquaht Nation and the ACRD have discussed a more permanent bridge. Updates to follow.

5. Contracts – garbage, grading, management contracts are for 3 years.

6. Sani-field – the Sani-field is performing well. It is an integral part of Salmon Beach and must be protected, and we must insure proper use. Nothing non-organic can be allowed to go into the field. Plans to rebuild and repair the remaining field are scheduled for 2017, and increased capacity will be considered at a future time as needed.

7. Thanks to Ryan and Kathleen for all their good work.

8. Best wishes to Kathleen in her future endeavors, and thanks very much for her service.

9. The search for a new manager will begin shortly.

· Salmon Beach Manager – Kathleen Holland

1. A “Good News Monthly Post” has been added to the SB Facebook page.

2. Jamie’s Whale Watching tours are available from time to time leaving from our boat ramp. One is scheduled for tomorrow. Please see Kathleen if you are interested.

3. Flower Gardens – are being repaired and renovated. She asked for volunteers to help with this.

4. The kid’s beach boxes are back in place. She pays for this out of her own pocket, contributions are welcome.

5. She is trying to start a ladies walking group – please see her if you are interested.

6. She is creating Salmon Beach clothing.

7. Vandalism at the sani-field – the gate was being lifted and damage to the filters occurred. Repairs have been made.

8. Access by owners to the sani-field is on Saturday’s from 8 am to 1 pm. Please make an appointment with Kathy or Ryan for access to dump your holding tank.

9. Ongoing grading and mowing continue. The float dock has been installed, thanks for the help of Dennis Eremco with this project.

10. When you see people working, please do not enter the area, as it poses a potential hazard for you and for the people working.

11. Thanks to conscientious owners, Ryan, the ACRD, and Jerry Rumold for their support.

12. Kathleen announced that September 30, 2014 at 4 pm will be her last day as Salmon Beach Manager. She wants to ensure continued service through the summer and will assist where she can in the transition to the next person.

13. Jerry Rumold announced, with much disdain, that signs regarding the presence of logging trucks on the road between the logging site and Macoah that he posted, were taken overnight on May 15, 2014. He is required to post such signs and hopes that whoever took them will not continue this behavior.

Old Business:

· Bylaw 1067 – Russell Dyson stated that the Bylaw needs to be refined. There are 12 communities similar to Salmon Beach throughout the ACRD. There needs to be a review of how they work, their process, how much control the various committees have. He promised that he will address the issue this Fall.

New Business:

· Review of the 2014 Budget Year to Date. Kel reviewed each service area and asked for questions or comments. He reported that the annual lot fees are projected to drop by 3.4%, barring changes to the draft budget.

· Review of the 2015 draft workplan/budget. Kel reviewed each service area.

1. Sewer – There was a suggestion from the floor that a security camera be installed to help prevent future vandalism at the sani-field. Most people concurred.

2. Security – no comments

3. Garbage – Please do not deposit household or construction items at the garbage site, and please take home your garbage when you can.

4. Recreation – no comments

5. Transportation – The Transportation budget for 2015 is reduced in comparison to 2014 due mostly to an $18,000 reduction in detailed road maintenance that is not required each year, as well as roadside brush cutting that is only required every 2 years.

- Robert Morris asked whether the $10,000 dust control allowance will be used this year. Kel reported that the company that does this work is supposed to provide that service soon, and he will confirm with Kathleen (who had left the meeting) when it is scheduled for Salmon Beach.

- Kevin Middlemiss asked if there are some volunteers to learn the operation of the truck so that the roads can be treated with salt water regularly to help control dust.

- Russell Dyson will review and advise on this subject.

- Mr. Chambers suggested rock chip sealing. He said he had a bid for Short Street of $77,000 a couple of years ago. He wanted people to know there are alternatives out there.

6. Water – no comments

7. The total 2015 proposed budget is $345,050, with a total capital reserve fund of $164,087.

· Future capital expenditures and projects

Kel reported on the proposed community building to house our equipment, hold meetings, include a small kitchen and restroom, and possibly an office. Vancouver Island Steel Buildings will provide a 40 X 80’ steel building, with two 14’ bay doors and one single and one double man door for $91,920. He has an estimate for the excavation, concrete, perimeter drains, sewer tank, plumbing and electrical rough-in, 100’ power allowance, 200 amp service panel, etc. for approximately $85,000 - $90,000.

There was a time when funding was available if the structure served as a tsunami evacuation centre. This type of funding may not be available any longer, but the ACRD will research this topic.

· Salmon Beach Owners communication – Kel reiterated the importance of checking the authorized Salmon Beach website for accurate and timely information regarding your community. The address is Also, if you have questions or concerns please put them in writing and send via fax to 250-585-2823, attention: Jill Maibach.

· Salmon Beach Zoning – Because we are zoned boat access only, there is no obligation on the part of MOF and MOT for road grading. The SBC is certainly motivated on your behalf to have this zoning changed.

Tony Bennett said that the ACRD has written to various departments of government to ask that they recognize us differently, and therefore become eligible for road maintenance. He said the ‘boat access only’ term was part of the subdivision process in the past. He suggested that owners make an effort to have Salmon Beach recognized as a community. That they write letters and make phone calls to their MLA to request that we be granted road access. Scott Fraser, the local MLA is on board, and has petitioned for Salmon Beach to be recognized as having road access. Tony also reported that there has been a change in federal demographics, and that John Duncan, federal MP from Courtenay/Comox will be running again, and his area will now include Alberni. Tony suggested that it might be beneficial to invite him to our September meeting, as well as include him in our letter campaign.

It was determined that a form letter be drafted by SBC for everyone’s use, and that owners be encouraged to send them out to whomever they think might make a difference.

The MOF regional office phone number is 250-731-3000.

Information Updates and Discussion:

· Boat Ramp Committee – Kevin Middlemiss

The biologist review is complete regarding the proposed boat ramp improvements. There are other steps which include Crown review. Next step is to finalize the design and go to tender.

· Community Gathering Place – Kevin Middlemiss

- Kevin has written support from approximately 25 owners who believe that the gathering place provides a definite benefit to our community.

- Jill Maibach said we should treat it like any other project. Go through the process of making a proposal, etc.

- Andy Daniel said he is open to suggestions from the community and has committed to have a look at whatever is proposed, but that it needs to be located on a specific piece of land, which can’t be MOT right of way. He stated that this meeting place cannot be a bar where alcohol is consumed. He said he has received a lot of emails, and that it is valued, and used by lots of owners.

- Wynna Jorgenson asked if it is proposed to be accessible to children.

- An audience member felt that Lot 10 is the wrong location, as it is too busy there and would create parking issues.

- Lorne Campbell reminded us that there is a picnic table there and access to the beach and parking has not been an issue.

Pressurized Well – Kel reported that the well water is being tested and used for maintenance only at this time.

- Dave Ingram asked if we have a plan for moving ahead with providing pressurized water to the community. He believes in the importance of keeping control of our own destiny as far as water is concerned.

- Andy Daniel mentioned that the Toquaht Nation may offer water delivery to Salmon Beach.

- Andy also said that the well does not meet drinking water guidelines. It would have to be treated.

- Russell Dyson said there is a fundamental difference between the ACRD providing water and owner provided water. With the ACRD involved there would have to be a higher standard, and therefore a higher cost related to having someone manage the well, its water quality, and its production.

- Richard Chamberlain requested mapping of native lands so we know who owns what. Len Jerritt suggested looking at the Toquaht Nation website.

- Motion: It was moved by Dave Ingram and seconded by Gina Skippen that the draft budget be amended to include up to $10,000 for a feasibility study conducted by the ACRD for use of the pressurized well, by the community. The study would include potable and non-potable options, and would outline the steps required for each case, and the time line required. This amendment to the draft budget would raise the total to $355,050.

Carried by show of hands.

Toquart Bay Closure – The Band is trying to negotiate the re-opening of the marina.

Volunteer recognition – Kel thanked the SBC for their hard work, and all the volunteers who help make our community viable and enjoyable.

Additional Questions/Comments from the floor regarding the Manager position:

1. Kevin M. asked who we should report problems to.

2. Wynna Jorgenson said we need to establish clear boundaries for the new Manager, and the position deserves respect.

3. Len J. wanted owners to know that he supports Kathleen in her decision

4. Tom Duke suggested that people are concerned about Security, and said that we could hire a qualified security worker who, for instance, is licensed through a 4 to 5 day course.

5. Terry Graff suggested that if we build a community/storage building, that there should be an office there for the Manager, instead of working out of their residence.

6. Jill Maibach suggested that this is an opportunity for us to review the Manager’s job description. In part, because the job represents a large portion of our tax dollars, we should pause, and reflect on how things have changed at Salmon Beach, and how we can best address those changes.

7. Ryan agreed that things have definitely changed as the community has grown.

8. Everyone agreed that clear guidelines need to be established.

9. Tony B. assured everyone that there will be a full review of the position.

10. An audience member suggested that the name ‘security’ should be changed in the budget, as it does not reflect what most people define as security.

11. The Manager does not provide security or enforcement. The police should be called if there are serious problems, but realize that we are an isolated community, and the time it takes for a police response is likely to be lengthy.

Other questions/comments from the floor:

12. There was a comment from an audience member that neighbors party until 4 am, and what can she do. There is no noise bylaw at Salmon Beach. And if there was, how would it be enforced.

13. Jerry Rumold of Deer Bay announced that he is ending his contract with Salmon Beach, and will submit his letter to the ACRD next week. He has received too much derogatory treatment over the past couple of years to wish to continue at Salmon Beach. He will, however, continue to do the road grading.

14. Many people responded that they hoped he would not continue with his resignation, and that we need him, and that he is the backbone of our community.

15. Jill M. said that as a taxpayer and a member of our community, the negative behavior of just a few individuals has cost everyone.

16. Jerry later recanted and agreed to involve the SBC and the ACRD to help him in the future as needed. He said he would continue his contracts at Salmon Beach for the time being.

General Vote for 2015 SBC Candidates:

Tony took over the Chair of the meeting and thanked the existing committee. He stated that the existing SBC of Jill Maibach, Ken Lunde, Terry Graff, Len Jerritt and Kel Roberts will stand for next year. In accordance with procedure Tony asked for further nominations from the floor three times. With no one coming forward, Tony proclaimed the current SBC elected by acclimation. Ratification to be scheduled with the ACRD Board of Directors at their next meeting.

Kel thanked everyone for coming, and encouraged people to think about participating in the SBC next year.

Meeting adjourned at 12:20 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Karen Bennett

Acting Secretary



2014 Budget YTD

2015 Draft Budget/Workplan