Salmon Beach Committee Fall General Meeting – Budget Discussion and Approval - Sunday, September 2, 2012

Salmon Beach Committee

Fall General Meeting – Budget Discussion and Approval

Sunday, September 2, 2012 at 10:00 am

Salmon Beach, BC


Committee Members Present: Gina Skippen, Terry Graff, Kel Roberts, Jill Maibach, Len Jerritt, and Tony Bennett, Area Director ACRD

The meeting was called to order at 10:10 am by Chairman Kel Roberts

The Agenda was posted at

Attendance: 34 lots were represented and approximately 50 people attended.

Introduction: Kel Roberts

1. Kel introduced all committee members and Salmon Beach Manager Kathleen Holland.

2. Attendees were asked to stand and state their name when making a comment or asking a question at the meeting, and to limit their time allotment.


1. Chairman’s report – Kel Roberts

a. The garbage and recycle have been relocated near the administration building. The relocation is due to us being in contravention to the lease agreement we have with the Toquaht First Nations for our sani-field. There is now a 30 year lease in place.

b. As a result of the garbage being moved, there is no longer a burn pile, therefore any burning must be dealt with responsibly by individual lot owners. No dumping is allowed anywhere on or outside Salmon Beach property.

c. The Option C sani-field upgrade has been approved. The tender process closed August 31, and the West field work is scheduled for Sept. 10-30, with completion of all Option C upgrades anticipated for October 19, 2012. The “Notice to Occupant Standards of Good Practice” regarding Sani-field use was reviewed and is available on the website.

d. Please refer to the Salmon Beach Committee website ( or google Salmon Beach Committee) for updates on this and other developments/progress at Salmon Beach. Just a note that no other websites are sanctioned by SBC.

2. Area Director – Tony Bennett, ACRD

a. Tony thanked the Salmon Beach Committee (SBC) for their input and comments.

b. He reported that there have been some tense moments with the Toquaht Nation, and wants us to know that there is a strong feeling that they want our sani-field moved. There was also talk of possible sharing of the sani-field with any future development the Toquaht Nation may undertake in the area.

c. He also commented that the work involved with the re-location of the garbage and recycle was necessary.

- Tony reminded us that now that land claims have been settled, Salmon Beach is surrounded by First Nations, and that inclusive community events are a good idea and will promote a better and positive future. Tony thanked Kel Roberts for his participation, along with ACRD staff, in a recent meeting including Ann Mack, who represented the Toquaht Nation, where she made it clear that she is looking forward to good relations with Salmon Beach.

d. 2013 Budget – General - Tony reported that budget projects for the year are determined by previous year’s cost (historic) and anything new that is required. There was some discussion about priorities. The ACRD wants to show courtesy and inclusivity to Salmon Beach residents and hear our input regarding how our money is spent, and that is the primary purpose of the budget meeting. The ACRD regional budget is determined in February/March each year, and the public is welcome to provide input at that time as well. He pointed out that if an emergency occurs that requires funding, the ACRD would act and notify SBC, and follow-up with a review of those expenses in February.

3. 2013 Budget Review – Tony Bennett

a. Water Service – There was confusion between Salary allocation and ACRD Admin. Both relate to wages paid to ACRD staff. After discussion Tony advised he will consider amalgamating these two items and these MAY in future be reflected as Management expenses. The same changes would be CONSIDERED in other portions of the budget where both Salary allocation and Admin. ACRD appear, ex. Sewer.

Dave Ingram asked about the status of the pressurized well project. It was reported that the ACRD has decided that until the sani-field is sorted out there will be no action on the pressurized well. Kel Roberts pointed out that we are an aging population and water collection from outside sources is becoming more difficult. He also stated that there has been correspondence in this regard with the ACRD, and he is hoping that some progress can be made.

Roberta Veenstra asked what the salary allocation category is. Kathleen Holland said those funds go to ACRD employees who receive hourly wages for any work at Salmon Beach.

Price Carson asked why separate Admin and Salary. Tony stated that will be taken under advisement for the 2014 budget.

b. Sewer Service – Tony mentioned that the capital reserve fund is $30,000 for 2013 and he noted the $13,000 that will be carried over from 2012 for a total of $43,000.

Caroline Lennox asked about the large sum of money that was approved at the last meeting for the pressurized well.

Kathy Spencer asked why the pump truck revenue stays in the budget, and Tony agreed that the revenue from pump outs should be reflected in the budget. Kathleen H. reported that the revenue goes into capital savings and could be used for future repairs or replacement of the pump truck. Dave Ingram suggested it could show as a depreciation charge. Tony suggested we examine the ACRD budget in February which will show more detail.

c. Garbage Service – Price Carson asked the zoning status of our town square. It is P2 and will remain so. Kathleen H. reported that the property was never owned by the Salmon Beach Association. It has actually always been owned by Ministry of Transport (MOT) until recently when the ACRD became the controlling owner and is responsible for taxes, liabilities, etc. Tony hopes that the lease agreement with the Toquaht Nation could be expanded to include garbage again at some point in the future.

Caroline Lennox asked if it would be possible to cover the garbage. Tony suggested that we include that in the discussion for the 2014 budget.

d. Recreation Service – Colleen Zdan asked about funding for community events. Tony said the ACRD has a problem with that category as that is not something that is included in the regional district budget so is difficult to define.

Beatrice Jacobs asked if there are any funds available for kayak beach access and storage. Kathleen H. responded that the concern is liability. Andy Daniels at ACRD has suggested we build a beach access ramp by creating a wall with beach logs and the access ramp with fill. Kathleen H. hopes this will be accomplished in the Spring. However, the roads are MOT and we need permission and would need to provide the kayak facility for everyone, so there is potential for problems.

Bill Cherwak asked if there are restrictions on float planes landing onsite. There are none.

e. Security Service – Jo Ann Roy asked what the Salmon Beach Admin line item includes and why its included in Security. Kathleen H. reported that is for tables, cookies, coffee, paper, ink, etc., and said that if anything is left over it remains in Security service. Tony suggested that the title be re-worded for the next budget. He also said that the next budget will reflect the previous ‘actual’ numbers as well as proposed budget numbers, and show carryovers. Kathleen H. said that the Security Service area includes maintenance and repairs, beautification and construction. It was suggested that the title Security be changed to Management. However, this requires a Bylaw change.

Patience Conley asked if we change the title from Security to Management would that be problematic for insurance purposes. Colleen Zdan said that we should be OK because we are in a ‘gated community’, however check with your insurance company.

f. Transportation Service – The land debt repayment will be completed in 2013.

Kel R. reported that dust control is a priority and that it is planned for several streets. There is only one company on Vancouver Island that provides this service. It is a magnesium based product and will have an accumulative effect as more layers are added over time.

Kathleen H. stated that with alder burning now unavailable, the best way to maintain the ditches is the use of mechanical weed eaters, and that it be done earlier in the year. This approach will require more labor and she requested an increase in the Maintenance line item to $40,000 from $34,000.

Motion: moved by Gina Skippen and seconded by Nina Nixon, that the Transportation Maintenance line item be increased to $40,000. Discussion followed and someone asked for confirmation that the funds are solely for common area maintenance.

Amendment to the Motion: moved by Terry Graff and seconded by Caroline Lennox that the Fuel and Travel line item be reduced by $2000 to $8000 and the Maintenance line item be increased to $40,000, making the total Transportation Service budget $139,350. The Motion and Amendment passed by show of hands.

New Business

1. Approval of draft 2013 Salmon Beach budget. There was no dissension on the draft 2013 budget, with the only change being the increase to the Transportation Service portion of the draft budget which passed by show of hands.

2. Management Contract – The contract expires on December 31, 2012 and Tony reported that this contract is part of the discussion with the ACRD in the Fall, and they will finalize the contract and terms of reference. Discussion ensued on tendering practices employed by ACRD as they relate to the Management Contract. Tony advised the same practices are employed by ACRD in all their tendering practices and they will be employed when the Management Contract goes to tender.

Patience Conley wanted to know if owners will have any input regarding the budget amount.

Jo Ann Roy asked if the current amount is what will be reflected in the tender, and is there a salary amount actually stated.

Tony responded that most ACRD contracts go to tender.

Jill Maibach asked if there is an ACRD standard for contract tender.

Patience Conley stated concern for any increase in taxes and fees. The SBC confirmed that the price/lot has been reduced for 2013.

3. Bylaw changes – Jill Maibach reminded us of the request for bylaw change made by Dave Ingram last year regarding the SBC’s liaison with the ACRD. Tony stated that will be addressed this Fall.

4. Capital Expenditures – Kel R.

- Dust control is planned for several streets in 2013.

- Outstanding funds regarding the sani-field upgrade are available.

- Garbage area improvement

- Boat ramp – drainage/silt trap problem. Kathy H. added that the current solution planned is to install a silt catcher across the front of the boat ramp. It requires framing and concrete, and she plans to arrange for a concrete pad for the electrical shed for the sani-field at the same time.

Question and answer period

- Dave Ingram would like a lock on the back gate to the sani-field. People are dumping other material at that site and he is very concerned that we will compromise our lease and lose our sani-field priviledges. He suggests scheduling blueboy and RV dumping. We currently schedule pump and haul, and scheduling blueboy and RV will help keep track of usage at the sani-field.

Motion: moved by Dave Ingram and seconded by Price Carson that a lock be installed at the back gate and scheduling of blueboy and RV dumping be initiated. Passed by show of hands. Please contact Kathleen H. for scheduling requests.

- Tony remarked that the Toquaht band would prefer we are not here, and emphasized that any mistakes may result in our losing access to the sani-field. He added that discussion will take place at the ACRD to insure that we keep the lease intact.

- Judy Ramsden, wanted to know who did the dumping in question. The person was at the meeting and admitted to the mistake and has cleaned it up.

- The concern remains that, based on historical behavior, people will violate the terms of the lease.

- Jill Maibach stated that it is crucial that we adhere to the lease and that not doing so will cause irreparable harm to our community.

-Patience Conley suggested that we really speak to our neighbors and stress the importance of keeping the sani-field license and the need to respect the First Nations land. Tony agreed that is so important, and that we foster friendship.

-Lawrence Connelly wanted to know where the native lands are. Everything except road systems are native lands. A small portion of the Salmon Beach road is owned by Ministry of Forests.

- Caroline Lennox suggested that lot owners should be able to submit their written correspondence to the SBC via fax, and Jill Maibach agreed to accept those faxes. The fax number is 250-753-2823. Your fax will be reviewed by the SBC at their earliest convenience.

Kel R. thanked those people who had volunteered for the alder removal and garbage sub-committees, but stated those sub-committees are now redundant.

Meeting adjourned at 12:20 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Karen Bennett, acting secretary