Salmon Beach Committee Meeting with the Owners Meeting Minutes From May 19, 2013

Salmon Beach Committee Meeting with the Salmon Beach Owners

May, 19, 2013 – 10 am


Present: The Salmon Beach Committee (Jill Maibach, Terry Graff, Gina Skippen, Len Jerritt and Kel Roberts)

Tony Bennett – Area C Director

Andy Daniel - ACRD Representative & Environmental Officer

Kathleen Holland – Barkley Sound Management

Lot owners representing 56 lots.

The meeting was called to order at 10:05 am by Chairman Kel Roberts.


Kel introduced the Salmon Beach Committee (SBC) and guests.

He also reviewed the Statement of Conduct for the meeting and asked people to identify themselves when asking questions, and to limit their time.


· Chairman’s report – Kel Roberts

Recent actions and improvements were reviewed, primarily that we have hired a manager, Barkley Sound Management, for a three year term from March 2013-2016. He also reported on the sani-field project.

- Additionally, we are on track regarding the 2013 budget

- Boat ramp and access to the beach was improved

- Kel stated that the lot owners who have volunteered their time have been very helpful. Ron McKinley for so much help with the sani-field electrical work, Greg Palmer for his help with the huts on the playfield, together with Andy and Kathleen. Paul Smood for redoing the channel float markers, Len Jerritt and his wife Ginny for maintaining and organizing the admin building/library. Kevin Middlemiss for dust reduction and for the gathering place at the boat ramp. Jerry Rumold from Deer Bay has donated some services to us. Steve Kirincic for his redesign and attachment of the bumpers to the concrete boat ramp wall. For any that were missed, much thanks as well.

- The SBC recommends changing the format for elections in order to have some continuity between years and committees. These changes are still under discussion, but we are always looking for people interested and willing to sit on the committee.

- The SBC asked at last year’s meeting that questions and comments to the committee be forwarded via mail or fax. Kel shared a fax that was received from Mike Harrison regarding his suggestion for memorial benches, and brushing the alder trees around the tennis courts.

· ACRD Representative & Environmental Officer – Andy Daniel

- The sani-field project was completed on budget of approx. $130,000. During the week we are offering pump and haul, and on weekends from 8 am to 1 pm owners are allowed to dump their own sewage. The field is working as expected. Kathleen H. asks that if owners are dumping more than 200 gallons to please notify her. She keeps a log book so that we know how much is going into the field. PLEASE PLACE ONLY ORGANICS IN THE SYSTEM.

Future needs of the community will be evaluated as we continue through our 30 year lease. Andy estimates that we will be in good shape for 4-5 years.

- Ditches – the ditches on 7th had standing water, so the culverts have been replaced and the water is now running freely and ditches are working well.

- Brushing – brushing around the tennis court was completed

- New foot paths to Big and Little beaches have been installed

- The pumper truck has been repaired

- The garbage area was relocated.

· Area C Director – Tony Bennett

- Toquat plans to develop a new campsite, and Macoah village is offering kayak launching.

- The Ittatsoo development is for 5 acre parcels.

- Colson’s at Lucky Creek is planning a clustered cabin development with minimal impact on the foreshore.

- Question from Bob King on 5th street; what is the status of the Toquart marina? Per Tony B., it may open in June or July. The six week evaluation regarding the campsite closure is not yet complete. There is campground funding available, and the closure has sped up the new campsite idea that was already on the table.

- Rosalind Evertsz asked about the sports complex in the district. Tony reported that discussion is ongoing for a multiplex close to the golf clubhouse. Geotech and funding are needed and the process will go slowly.

- Russ Ramsden wanted to know how to change our marine recreational zoning to allow for longer stays than the current 180 days. We could change to Recreational, which could help with road improvements. Tony said that if we create our own municipality that also presents lots of problems. We need to decide what our priorities are.

- We have road access – we need a government body to maintain it. Tony pointed out that any progress we can make in this regard and in building exposure for Salmon Beach helps us, but also allows for development of Barkley Sound which then becomes attractive provincially.

Information Updates and Discussion

· Water Quality - Russ Ramsden asked if our well water is tested for drinkability. Andy D. responded that all our wells are non-potable, and there are four that are tested monthly, especially for ecoli. Andy pointed out that if any well is to be utilized for drinking water, then they must go through stringent treatment guidelines to insure safe drinking water standards.

- Rosalind Evertsz stated that she understood the ACRD reported arsenic levels have been above Canadian Standard guidelines on 7th and 3rd. Andy replied that our well water is non-potable.

- Price Carson asked if arsenic levels can change rapidly, or is it seasonal. Andy stated that arsenic and the other elements of concern at Toquart are all naturally occurring, but that he is certainly not an expert on the topic. It was agreed that much more information is needed on water.

- Andy D. reported that there is a possibility of a pressurized well for Salmon Beach for maintenance purposes only.

- Russ Ramsden said there needs to be drinking water available on site, and for the taxes we pay that should be addressed. Tony pointed out that water treatment would be at the expense of Salmon Beach owners. And Kel observed that we are indeed developing, but that it is a slow process.

- Rosalind E. asked what the cost of testing is. Andy D. said that it costs $100 to test the four wells/month.

- Terry Smith wants clean water, and queried about the Toquat water treatment plant. Tony B. reminded us that the Toquat Nation is entirely separate from us. Salmon Beach is in a unique situation and has unique problems, and as stated before, SB would have to pay for its own. There is not usually federal funding available for regional districts. Tony also suggested that we need to invite our MLA out for a BBQ event and tour of SB so that when we contact him in the future, he will be familiar with our site.

- Toquat proposes selling water by tanker from their water treatment plant. This water will be potable.

- Melanie Wittur asked if there are any concerns about our beaches staying open, and she was assured that there is no concern for our beaches, that the problem is man- made and arises from concentrated tailings, nothing widespread.

· MOT/MOF/ACRD meeting - Andy D. reported on the meeting with Ministry of Transportation, Ministry of Forestry and ACRD staff regarding maintenance of our roads. They recognize our road as a Right of Way, not a road, therefore no maintenance is provided, plus the ROW/road is not up to MOT standards. If we were up to standard our classification would be “B”; 0-100 cars/day. On the other hand MOT is impressed with our current maintenance, and concedes there are other roads in worse shape than ours that they do maintain. One of our problems is that they do not recognize us as a community. Tony B. reported that we do have a relatively good case in order to proceed with trying to get recognition as a community, and we recognize we need Tony’s help in this. The SBC recognizes that it is time to take a political approach, and in that regard the committee will develop a form letter for owners to send to their local MLA’s as well as the ACRD MLA. We pay $1 million in taxes and what do we get? Again, it was suggested that we invite the local MLA, Scott Fraser, out to SB in September, for a BBQ and discussion. The form letter will be available on the website Every lot owner is encouraged to send this letter, or a version of it, to their MLA and to Scott Fraser as well. Tony said there are infrastructure requirements needed to get recognition as a viable community, and political steps are encouraged. For example; Get political by sending letters to MLA’s. The timing for the get together with Scott Fraser, should be prior to mid-September. The UBCM meeting is scheduled for that time, so it would be convenient for Scott and Tony, for example, to present Salmon Beach to ministers of the province for recognition and to detail the needs of SB.

- Kevin Middlemiss suggested that we maintain our own roads, but get funds in-lieu from MOT once we are recognized as a community. Kel confirmed that in-lieu funds are an option for us.

- Hans Heringa recalled meetings with Highways employees, who are now retired but are still available for consultation and discussion regarding the SB road.

- Kel reported that permission to lock our gate during the day was given by MOT.

· Dust Control – Kathleen reported that dust control should be completed by the July long weekend. The streets that will be treated are 6th, 7th, 4th, Saratoga, Elizabeth, Short, and Victoria.

· Paving – Kel informed us that there may be paving from the SB gate to the first bridge.

· Library – Len Jerritt gave a report on the library. He and his wife maintain, and have organized and cleaned the library. Please do not use the library for disposing of recyclables such as magazines and newspapers, it is not a repository. Please do not donate any more VCR movies, and please no TV’s or kids toys. There are space restrictions. It is YOUR library, please clean up after yourselves and your children.

New Business:

· Review of 2014 Budget Draft

- The projected parcel tax for 2014 will be approximately $905.39/lot for operations. (The Hydro assessment is separate.) Kel pointed out that throughout the proposed budget the ACRD admin. cost has increased and there is a new line item called Labour and Benefits which has not been explained.

- Tony said it separates salary vs. hourly employees, and that it could go down because SB will be scrutinized going forward. There have been a lot of ACRD expenses this past year for SB which may not be necessary going forward now that the sani-field and the Toquat Band issues have been resolved.

- Sewer – Rosalind E. asked if the funds charged for pump and haul are credited back to this envelope. Answer - yes.

- Security – What are supplies in this category? Per Kathleen H. –Answer - office supplies, signage, etc.

- France Champeau asked if there is a camera at the entrance gate now, Answer – yes, and why the cost for the gate line item is $3000. Answer, per Kathy, because of the possibility of damage. Mark Cutler wanted to know where to stop his vehicle to trigger the gate opener sensor. Per Kathy, there is a sign on the right side as you approach from Elizabeth that says “stop here” with an arrow. Please wait until the gate is fully open before proceeding.

- Russ R. asked if money left over from operating goes into the capital account. Answer – no, it stays in this envelope. The ACRD develops its budget in January so these are estimates.

- Garbage – Please do not leave your unwanted belongings in the compound. Disposal fee is huge, and we can directly control this expense. Please take what you can home with you.

- Lorraine Carson suggested that we introduce a nominal fee for onsite garbage disposal. Tony questioned whether that would be economically feasible to oversee and maintain.

- Recreation – Kevin M. asked if there are funds for future development and widening of the boat ramp. Andy D. mentioned that DFO may not support widening to 2 lanes due to safety concerns, but suggested a committee be formed to discuss this and the possibility of a breakwater, or the like.

- Al Shaffer said he appreciates the new ramp to the beach and says “well done”. Much credit goes to Kathleen, Deer Bay and Andy D.

- Transportation – Possibility for the use of a mower from the Long Beach Airport.

- Price Carson asked what the plans are for Lots 6 &7 – the admin. building lot and the garbage area. Kel reported that there has been discussion about a new metal building (approx. 30’ X 60’) which would replace the admin. building and provide shelter for our equipment and possibly house a small kitchen and restroom. Kel will be getting a bid for such a project and suggests it is at least food for thought. France Champeau asked if the lots would need to be rezoned. Answer – yes. Tony B. said it is operational and should become a community hall. There are government funds available if it can be called a Tsunami evacuation centre.

- Water – R. Cutler asked about fire control. The pump truck can be used. Kel said that MOF will supply a forestry kit for our use. There are heli-bases in Port Alberni and Errington and they would be here quickly in the case of a forest fire, or buildings on fire that are going toward the forest. They will not respond to structure fires where there is no danger of the forest catching fire.

- General – keeping costs down – Kathleen suggested owners weed whack their own ditches for example, which will reduce costs.

- Price Carson observed that ACRD costs are the most rapidly rising fees. What can we do? Tony responded with “those that receive ACRD services pay for those services.” We must be aware of how our parcel tax is spent.

- Lorraine Carson complemented the SBC for their service. She suggested a camera on the garbage area.

- Andy D. also thanked the SBC. The working relationship between ACRD and SBC has improved. Thanked Kathleen H. and Ryan Smith.

- Kel asked for volunteers for the Boat Ramp Committee – Kevin Middlemiss, Ron Bowick, Larry Uglene, Price Carson and Al Shaffer volunteered.

- Tony noted that the Toquat Band would like to see the sani-field move from its current location sooner than later, and the stipulation is that they find an alternate suitable location and help with the cost. ACRD involvement would be as leaseholder. Kel noted that our aim is to be self-sufficient.

· The community gathering place – Len J. stated that some owners have expressed concern over the gathering place at the boat ramp. Safety and cars parked which impede boat traffic were mentioned. He asked that owners determine their own comfort level, that no alcohol be served to minors, no drinking and driving, keep beverages out of sight, keep the experience and noise level low key, be mindful of those around us, and self-police. It is a place to enjoy socializing and respect others.

- Mike Williams voiced his safety concerns, and said it’s in the wrong location.

- John Rukin said people there have assisted many boaters.

- Kathleen H. also stated she has seen people walking back and forth while boaters were trying to use the boat ramp. She hopes that will not continue to happen.

- Kevin M. said it’s a meeting place after fishing. And he reminded us that there have been two rules since the beginning of Salmon Beach – Have fun and look after your neighbors.

· General Vote for SBC Candidates

· Tony B. took the floor – thanked the existing committee. Announced that the existing committee of Jill Maibach, Gina Skippen, Terry Graff, Len Jerritt and Kel Roberts will stand. In accordance with procedure Tony asked for further nominations from the audience three times. With no one coming forward, Tony proclaimed the current SBC elected by acclimation.

Meeting adjourned at 12:30 pm

Respectfully submitted,

Karen Bennett

Acting Secretary


- Agenda

- Notice to Occupant – Wastewater treatment system

- Draft 2014 Budget