AGM - May 18, 2008

Salmon Beach Owners Association

Annual General Meeting Minutes

May 18, 2008

Executive members present:

Ralph K., Chair

Neal B., Maintenance

Linda P., Treasurer

Gary B., APC representative

Terry G., Member at large

Nicole B., secretary

Absent - Chris M., member at large

The meeting was called to order by the Chairman at 1:18 PM

Ralph introduced the members present of the current committee.

New lot owners were to stand and introduce themselves and quite a few did so and were welcomes by the Chair.

• Minutes of the last AGM were adopted on a motion by Beverly B. and Merle G.

• Reports:

o Gary B. reported on the APC (advisory planning commission). The main issues discussed by the Commission deal with fishing, licensing and such. During the past year no issues have been brought forward regarding any impact on Salmon Beach and that Gary said is good news.

o Playground: Ralph reported on this. Many proposals have been presented to us on the issue of the playground. The play area is configured for kids 1 to 12 years old. We will be going out for bids at the end of the month. Playground must be CSA and ACRD approved. So far over $13,000 has been collected. It is estimated that the total cost will be $34,000 (including installation) and it is planned to be finished by the July 1st weekend. The location of the playground is yet to be determined.

o Social Committee” Myrna K. reported as the acting committee member: Myrna explained that she would take this role as long as she had help. She asked that owners sign up after this meeting as committed volunteers. Liz C. felt that we need a permanent committee for this work. All agreed that if some folks committed a little a time for an event with their particular interest then the time invested would not be great. A show of hands produced the following: Gary B. for prizes, Linda P. for kids’ prizes, Stan Y., Cody S. and Serge C. for the fish cleaning. Please contact Myrna at Ralph’s email address or number removed to add your name as a social committee volunteer.

o It should also be noted that $2,400 currently in the Social Fund has come from our “recycling” efforts. So keep taking those cans and bottles to recycling center behind the Admin building.

o Services Committee. This report was presented by Neal B. Neal said circulated a document prepared by Kathy (Security) outlining the content of her job. This information handout showed the hours produced by Security involving different tasks.

§ Neal also outlined the projects for the summer:

$4,000 for a new well – location yet to be determined.

$10,000 has been set aside for the sanifield as a contingency fund as required by the ACRD (Alberni Clayoquot Regional District)

The installation of 3 bear-proof garbage containers

Portable toilets (2) for each beach area.

Ramp for baby buggies and wheelchairs down to the beach. We will need a permit from the Dept of Fisheries for this.

Boat ramp allotment - $15,000

Contract work – new roof for the admin building

Grading of the internal roads – on going

$3,000 for stairs from Saratoga down to Front St.

$9,000 for a new utility yard for heavy equipment and

our garbage/recycling collection.

From the Chair:

• we bought 2 lots near the admin building and one by the gate and 3 by the boat ramp. Marhal sold the 3 lots by the boat ramp to us for $3.00

• Our yearly budget is $294,000. This year we had $77,000 in the kitty at the beginning of the year. Our costs are about $500. plus minus $50. a year per lot per year.

• We get low interest loans from the ACRD for short term projects.

• Question from the floor: why do the owners not approve the budget? Ralph explained that the owners voted the executive to make the decisions on behalf of the owners. And any loan over $5,000 over 5 years must be approved by referendum. Dave I. moved that in January, the committee could e mail a summary of our proposed budget for the coming year. Seconded by John S. The motion was carried.

• The area from the current playground to the Admin building belongs to the Ministry of Transportation. We have applied for the purpose of these lots and we expect an answer soon.

• HYDRO: the Macoah line is going ahead. Contracting for the clear cutting is out. This should start in November and finished by spring. This section will have poles. So it is expected that Macoah would have power by the spring of 2009. Budgetary prices are in but are not being disclosed as yet because of various cost changes. Should hydro be approved, we would apply for a 25 year mortgage. Approval would require a referendum and to vote you must be a BC resident and have only one vote, no matter how many lots you own. Several polling stations would be set up. In the meantime we will be hiring a consultant to estimate the cost of the work .Mussell Beach and Uplands have requested Telus. Cable is now available via satellite.

From Kathy (Security)

• She has suggested that the old playground area be converted for a community garden. (Update: We are keeping this area for the new playground. Work commenced May 28.)

• She also reported that according to the RCMP our speed signs are too low. The dust issue and its cost will be addressed next year.

• Kathy looking for help in organizing the library.

• If something happens to your cabin, Kathy will phone you but you are responsible for having the problem fixed.

• Unsightly lots are a problem. Please try to keep your lot neat and tidy.

• Pump and Haul- Security needs to have notice so that the pump outs can be planned. Prior to being pumped a check of $105. must be written (payable to ACRD) and given to Kathy.

• We are looking for volunteers to be trained on the running of the water truck.


Of the current executive, 4 members are willing to stand again and 4 need to be elected.

Position :

Chair – Beverly B. moved and France C. seconded the election of Ralph as chair. Elected by acclamation.

Maintenance: moved by Dave Z. and seconded by Beverly B. that Neal B. remains in this position. Elected by acclamation.

Secretary: Moved by Shirlee Y. and seconded by Dave I., Nicole elected as Secretary by acclamation.

Director at large : Gary B. elected by acclamation on a motion by Terry G. and seconded by Dave I.

Treasurer: On a motion from Tom D. seconded by France C., Guy A. – Shavit was elected as our new treasurer.

APC representative: France moved and Terry G. seconded that Carolyn S. be elected to this post. Motion was carried.

Social Committee: acting in this post has been Myrna K. and she was reelected as full director and Judy R. elected as co-director.

Director at large: this position requires a person with time to take on special projects; Moved by Ralph K and seconded by Gary B., Terry G. was elected to this position.

New business:

1. Kel R. reports that he is representing the Ministry of Forests (MOF) as a fire warden for the area from Sutton Pass to Ucluelet and Tofino. He will be answering reports of fire and patrolling the area as requested by MOF. When at Salmon Beach, his vehicle will have a placard and he will be carrying a compliment of Forestry equipment and radios for the entire area.

2. Neal reported that apparently our ATV’s are roaring around late at night in areas outside Salmon Beach. He reminded us all that ATVs are not allowed on private property.

3. The Health Inspector wants us to remember that overflowing sanitation tanks will be fined $500. The same applies if it is found that the alarm has been shut off or the battery run down.

4. Anyone not currently having access to the Salmon Beach web site, please contact Randy S at removed.

Meeting was adjourned at 3:20