May 2010 AGM Minutes

May, 2010 AGM Minutes

Please note....the executive committee is responsible for budgetary items only. Any items not of a budget nature will be discussed amongst the owners after the formal part of the meeting.

Meeting called to order at 10:20

Motion to approve minutes from last meeting – approved

1) Review of 2009 / 2010 Budget

2) Introduction of Committee members for new residents, In attendance were Tony Bennett, Director, Kathleen Holland: Manager. Executive Committee: Jill Maibech, Gina Skippen, Terry Graff and Cindy Lunde. Dave Maudie, Chairperson sent his regrets.

3) Gina thanked members of our community for being good neighbours. One of our community members noticed a neighbour was not out and about. He checked on them to discover they were suffering from CO exposure. Please keep looking out for your neighbours as well as look into purchasing a CO detector!

4) Power – Maps are on site but VERY difficult to decipher. The pipes are here. The contractor will ensure the Eagles nests are not disturbed.

5) Pressurized Well (admin building) – once we have power we will be looking into this. What this means is that as a community, we will have potable water for all to enjoy.

6) Sani Field Study – we need to determine ASAP how our sani field is operating and what it’s capacity is. We have put $30,000 aside in capital to facilitate this. It should be noted that ALL future development hinges on our ability to provide adequate sani field capacity.

7) The tennis court repairs will be completed this year. Should anyone like to have any black topping done (e.g. driveways) please see Kathy soon to arrange in conjunction with this project.

8) Signage - All signs have been completed. Directional signs to Salmon Beach are also in the works for the back road.

9) Boat Ramp – We should have more info on the status of the Boat ramp by September’s meeting. We would like to make the right side more user friendly. Discussions are underway with fisheries to determine the impact.

11) Volunteers with regards to Boat ramp – please note this is an ACRD requirement. They DO NOT want volunteers working on the boat ramp due to liability issues. This comes directly from them – not Kathy, not the Executive – just the ACRD.

Presentation by Mike Irg (ACRD Planning)

There have been many misunderstandings in the past and he and the ACRD have prepared a “Cheat Sheet” –

Link to sheet

Below are some of the highlights of his presentation.

Decks – presently we are allowed to have 1000 square feet of deck space which must be attached to a building. A covered porch is allowed up to 60 square feet which must also be attached to your building.

Outbuildings – you are ONLY allowed one trailer or one cabin – not both!

Businesses – there are to be no businesses run out of Salmon Beach.

Breezeways are not allowed.

You CAN have a bathroom in the loft area of your cabin.

Infractions – infractions are “Complaint Driven”.

The ACRD welcomes questions and would prefer folks discuss their plans with them BEFORE building to eliminate problems that may occur if the proper procedures have not been followed.

Sewage – our present sani field can accommodate up to 5000 gallons per day. Given our existing tanks are 1000 gallons each. At full capacity this would allow for individuals to have their tank pumped once every 40 days. Our existing field is working at 1/7 it’s capacity. The field is also saturated with water over the winter – it should be ditched which we will add to our workplan.

Presentation by Dave Ingram on the Bylaw reviews


Note: The statement “Motion Approved” means that a majority of the community members eligible to vote were in favour of having Tony Bennett, Salmon Beaches ACRD representative, present the communities recommended changes to the ACRD so that they may become a zoning reality.

In addition to the above 5 proposed by-law changes it is recommended that a sub-committee be formed to investigate the feasibility of changing the zoning of Salmon Beach to something other than Marine Recreational.

Down Light Proposal – the Salmon Beach residents present voted to have the ACRD review the proposal.

It should be noted that as far as the ACRD is concerned this is unenforceable. Owners are asked to protect our night sky but the ACRD will not respond to any complaints regarding this policy.

Well easements – this was tabled to our next meeting. Should we be able to provide a pressurized well at the admin building this will become redundant.

Update on Security Gate by Kelvin Roberts

We are looking into purchasing an electric gate once we have power. The gate will be embedded into 3 foot sunk footings and be operated either by cell phone, keypad or with fobs. Kel rec’d 2 quotes but made recommendations that we go with XXXX based on a more durable fabrication. It will be powder coated and all fixtures will be stainless. This motion was passed.

Sani Field – more discussion was held regarding the status of our sani field. We are going to have a study done that will lay out exactly what we are looking for. Tony wanted us all to know just how serious an issue this was. To upgrade or replace our present system could be VERY costly. The ACRD does have the ability to help us apply for grants, but we need to have the money on hand before grants will be approved. They are also VERY hard to get! Our sewage issues are something we need to stay on top of and he recommended the study be done immediately. This motion was passed.

Social Fund Signees

– we need to have 3 signatures on our social fund account. Motion passed.

A brief discussion was held regarding the defibrillator. Please note the unit is kept a Kathy’s home.

All motions to approve the preliminary budget were passed.

Please see below for a detailed summary.

2011 Work Plan –