Salmon Beach Committee Fall General Meeting – Budget Discussion and Approval Minutes Sunday, September 6, 2015

Salmon Beach Committee

Fall General Meeting – Budget Discussion and Approval


Sunday, September 6, 2015 at 10:00 am

Salmon Beach, BC

Present: - Salmon Beach Committee: Terry Graff, Jill Maibach, Kel Roberts and Ellen Peet.

- Russell Dyson, ACRD Chief Administrative Officer

- Andrew McGifford, ACRD Environmental Services Mgr. & Acting Mgr. of Finance

- Josie Osborne, ACRD Chairwoman of the Board & Mayor of Tofino

- Chantel Gemmel, new ACRD Onsite personnel for Salmon Beach

Regrets: Tony Bennett, Ken Lunde, James Yates

The meeting was called to order at 10:07 by Chairman Kel Roberts.

The Agenda was posted at

Attendance: 50 lots were represented. Approximately 72 people attended including guests.

Introduction: Kel Roberts

1. Kel introduced all committee members and guests.

2. Attendees were asked to stand and state their name when making a comment or asking a question at the meeting, and to limit their time allotment.


1. Chairman – Kel Roberts

a. Please refer to the Salmon Beach Committee website or google Salmon Beach Committee for updates on developments/progress at Salmon Beach.

b. Kel introduced Ellen Peet. She has volunteered to fill the position vacated by Len Jerritt on the SBC until the next election of SBC members in May 2016.

2. ACRD CAO – Russell Dyson

a. Russell reported that there have been a couple of months of transition at the ACRD. Selection of the Environmental Services Manager has been accomplished during this time.

b. Plans for how we manage services at Salmon Beach are being finalized. The contract with Ryan Smith should be signed in the near future and the term will be for a number of years.

c. He introduced Chantel and explained that she comes from Tofino Air prior to being hired by the ACRD, and will be overseeing the contracts at SB plus being available to owners probably on Saturdays. As this is a newly created position, it will be evaluated after one year as to its success.

d. The Administration Building – the cost for repairs keeps increasing as we find more deficiencies, so that project is still being evaluated.

e. Water Wells – the water study has now been completed. 20 wells (of the 21) were found and ownership status has been determined. The ACRD has no ownership or interest in any of our wells.

f. Water potability was re-emphasized by Russell if there are to be any communal/shared wells.

g. Roads – Andrew M. and Randy Fraser have evaluated the options for our roads. Randy has suggested that chip sealing may be an affordable option and would negate the need for ongoing grading and dust control. Prior to such an application we would need grading and ditching. More detail to follow. An audience member asked how it would stand up to our heavy rain runoff. Answer – it would be durable.

h. Building Inspector – Rob Gaudreaux has been hired by Port Alberni, so now Luc Stefani is the building inspector for our area.

i. In summary, Russell reported that they now have good personnel in place to pursue what needs to be done at SB.

3. ACRD Acting Manager of Finance – Andrew McGifford

a. Reported on the 2015 budget YTD. Any amounts not spent within the budget year can be carried forward. An example would be monies in the Transportation envelope carried forward into the capital reserve fund for road chip sealing.

b. Question from the audience whether there have been any payments to Kathleen Holland in 2015. Answer – No.

c. Price Carson asked why the Biffy Pumping has no payment associated with it in 2015. Answer – those costs have been attached to Ryan’s costs for now, until his contract is signed.

d. Bob Murray asked why there has been no ditching on 5th Avenue.

e. Sewer – Andrew reported that the Sewer envelope has $24,206 in the capital reserve, plus what is carried over from last year of $48,900, which equals $73,106 in that capital reserve at 2015 year end.

f. Richard Chambers suggested that $3000 is needed in each year’s budget to maintain the boat ramp. He also reported that following the recent storm damage, the floating dock and foot ramp need repairs. He suggested a work party between now and May 2016. He will prepare a proposed budget for those repairs and forward to Andrew and SBC.

g. Kel reported that kayak access has been brought up by several owners. This will have to be addressed in the Spring once storm season has ended.

h. Jae Peters asked if there are funds available for improving kayak access.

i. An audience member asked for a place for short term kayak storage on the beach. Kel suggested that he prepare a plan for such a structure and asked where it would be placed? The beach above the mean high tide line is private property.

j. Jill Maibach asked if the ACRD has any records that show infrastructure plans from the original development plan for SB. Russell agreed to look at their records and report back.

New Business:

1. 2016 Salmon Beach Proposed Budget – Kel Roberts

a. An audience member asked about funds available to carry forward from previous budgets. Ellen Peet suggested they be divided so that specific projects be allocated and to roll excess into capital reserve.

b. Andrew M. said we will identify capital projects and proceed to get more work done in 2016.

c. Price Carson asked if there are ceilings on items in previous budgets. For example garbage bin replacement.

d. An audience member asked about fire protection and first aid. Kel responded that fire protection is a difficult issue at SB. Any equipment must be ULC approved and maintained, and any personnel must be trained and regularly update their training. The same goes for first aid equipment and personnel. We do own a defibrillator and many have asked that it be placed back in service. An action plan to reactivate the defibrillator will be looked into in the near future.

e. Paul Smood reminded us that every lot owner should display their street address so that an ambulance is able to locate you in a timely manner.

f. Russell reminded us that Chantel’s position and cost will be evaluated at the end of the year.

g. An audience member asked if there is any plan in place for fire protection. Kel said we should first call Forestry, as we interface with them, and/or call 911. The trailer and pump we have is to be used as a last resort. Russell said that the ‘Good Samaritan Act’ is available to us. As soon as government gets involved the cost goes way up. Fire protection would have to be a high level of service or none. We do not want to have any line item in our budget that says ‘fire protection’ unless we are prepared to pay the full cost of it. The same goes for paramedics.

h. Dawn Sanders suggested a fire/emergency program. Example – an alarm and muster station, possibly located at the boat ramp, with info on what to do in case of fire. Kel reported that we own a siren and suggested that we get that operational. (Subsequent to the meeting, it has been determined that the siren was left outside and discarded, so is no longer available to us). There could be a different number of beeps depending on whether it is a medical or fire emergency. Kel asked for a show of hands whether owners wish to pursue this suggestion.

A majority of owners raised their hands in support of this idea.

i. Price Carson asked about the Bylaw requirement for a Workplan and a Budget, and wondered if there are 2 documents prepared during the budget process.

j. Muriel McGregor asked why we need Chantel onsite. It is costly and is it really necessary? Russell responded that the ACRD has a duty that regular oversite of contracts and inspections be performed, and a duty to insure ‘office hours’ for communication with owners. Also Chantel will coordinate projects and follow through so that they are brought in on budget and on time. Russell said she has accountability to the ACRD Board.

k. An audience member asked if things will be getting done in a timely manner now that we have an onsite ACRD person. He is frustrated that the rain is coming and little work has been accomplished all summer.

l. Terry Graff reminded us that the funds we are discussing for the 2016 budget are proposed for next year.

m. Dave Ingram asked if we are required to build an office for this onsite person. Russell responded that an office would serve the community, the ACRD worker, and serve as a meeting facility for the Committee and/or owners. That Chantel is their point person and reminded us that this is an experiment for this year. She may have to work out of a trailer. The cost for all options will be discussed in advance with the SBC.

n. Bea Jacobs asked about a water system for the community. We are not nearly ready to plan such a thing. The Water Study needs further discussion.

o. Donald Jacobs asked if the well located on Hans Heringa’s lot near the boat ramp is still available for use by owners. Hans agreed that it is.

p. Clinton Eggum asked Russell’s opinion on the wells being shut down by individuals. The ACRD has no community interest in these wells.

q. Russell advised the audience that if an individual has questions about wells located on their property to contact him. The Water Study will be available to all owners in the next month.

r. The well at the Administration Building is on Highways’ property.

s. Dave Ingram asked if there is forward movement on providing potable water from the pressurized well located at the Admin. Bldg.

t. Russell advised that the SBC should discuss options and decide on a course of action. It is important to think about how we make the water available and how its distribution can be fair to all. Whatever we do it will cost money. Once we determine our chosen course of action, the SBC will make recommendation to the ACRD.

u. An audience member commented that we are not a ‘city’ and can’t expect to have all the conveniences associated with same.

v. An audience member asked how much money we are saving for Chantel vs. the previous arrangement. Answer - $30,000.

w. Jill Maibach suggested that because this is a pioneer project it will be important to have the budget reflect what is spent. Right now it is speculation.

x. Chantel reported that she will track her hours and what is accomplished within those hours. Also, that a new sign will be onsite with her contact info.

y. The total proposed budget for 2016 is $346,250. The calculated parcel tax is $911.18/lot.

General Vote for 2016 Salmon Beach proposed budget: Kel asked for approval of the 2016 proposed budget.

Approved by show of hands.

2. Bylaws – Kel

a. Marine Recreational Zoning has been a troubling issue for Salmon Beach for some time. Kel reviewed the recent history of pursuing the local MLA, and Forestry and Highways Ministers regarding SB road maintenance during the past year, always reminding them that we have always been a road access community.

b. Kel informed us that the ACRD has gone through extensive reviews of their Bylaws in recent months and that the zoning for Salmon Beach is being changed to RR2 (Recreational Residential 2) from Marine Recreational. The Bylaw changes are available to the public for review. Please see the ACRD website for details. At this time the new zoning does not include any changes to the Salmon Beach Bylaws.

c. Kel asked the audience to please review the Salmon Beach Bylaws and suggest suitable updates and comments. There are inconsistencies and inaccuracies in our documents and now is our chance to bring everything into line.

d. Laurence Conley asked if the disclosure statement owners received at the time they purchased their lot is still accurate and applicable.

e. Terry Graff pointed out that relevant info is on both the Salmon Beach Committee’s Google Page and the SBV Facebook page as well.

Information and Updates:

1. Sanitation Options – Kel

James Yates was unable to attend our meeting, but did provide a few options via email to Kel. He reported that the current sani-field should serve us well for another 2+ years. He recommends installing our own treatment plant onsite. He estimates $10,000 to move forward with a study of this option. These funds are already set aside in our budget.

2. Community gathering place - progress has been made with the construction of the gravel pad adjacent to the existing location.

3. Dust Control – was completed this summer, and appreciated by all, but especially by those residents located on previously dusty roads.

4. Salmon Beach Community Events Committee – Gina Skippen

a. Gina reported on how the summer’s events did and reviewed suggestions.

b. The Canada Day parade had 7 floats and a piper. There were suggestions to alter the route and have hot dogs following the parade.

c. BC Day – 17 sand castle teams, 70 registered fishers for the derby, and the BBQ dinner accommodated approximately 200 people. There were suggestions to split the weekend into Saturday being family day and Sunday being the BBQ and fishing derby, with more categories and different registration fee distribution.

d. Today is the Ladder Ball tournament. 18 teams have registered.

e. Please “Step Up To The Plate” and volunteer for the committee.

f. Appreciation was declared for the arrival of the restored army vehicles in July.

5. Kel added that SB is finally being recognized by outside government agencies as a viable community, and volunteers are making a difference. He thanked everyone for attending!

Meeting adjourned at 11:45 am.

Minutes recorded by Karen Bennett

Handouts: Agenda

SB Budget 2015 YTD as of August 2015

SB 2016 Proposed Budget