June 25, 2009 - Meeting with Horne Lake Management

On June 25th several committee members met with the Manager of Horne Lake. The purpose of the meeting was to gather information and share best practices. They are similar in size to us. The main difference is that they have deemed themselves a Bare Land Strata while we have our fees attached to our Property Taxes. A lot of worthwhile information was exchanges with the committee members coming back with many take- aways that we could look at implementing. A few topics of note were:

1) Establishing a Cottage Watch program with the local RCMP

2) Highlighting a Bylaw per meeting so we all have a better understanding of them

3) Setting up a formalized Fire Protection Committee

4) How AGMs should be run. For example, sending out the agenda and proposed budget in advance so everyone can read and come prepared to the meeting.

5) Ensuring we have adequate insurance in place