May 17, 2009 AGM

Salmon Beach Lot Owners

Annual General Meeting

Minutes of May 17, 2009

Meeting was called to order by acting chair Nicole Bourduas at 10:07 p.m.

78 lot owners checked in prior to the start of the meeting with over 150 individuals attending. An excellent turnout for such an important meeting.

Nicole introduced our two special guest’s speakers – Corporal Jim Anderson and Tony Bennett

Corporal Anderson addressed the crowd by saying that he was the acting in charge of the Ucluelet RCMP. He also said there would be more patrols at Salmon Beach and regarding traffic here – normal provisions apply and that off road vehicles are not allowed on public roads.

Question: do 3 phone calls have to be made for police to attend?

Answer: No, one is sufficient. Sometimes issues can be resolved by phone. The detachment phone # is 250 726 7773 Mon to Fri from 8 to 4 pm. After that calls are taken by the Courtenay detachment.

ATV’s cannot be ridden on roads - $600 fine. A “road” is any roadway that the public has access to. Vehicles must be ICBC licensed and drivers must be licensed.

Question: What about vehicles being driven without license plates?

Answer: Vehicles in Salmon Beach need license plates.

Tony Bennett – Area “C” director for the Alberni Clayoquot Regional District (ACRD) then spoke.

  • Thanks to the previous committee
  • 5 services – allows ACRD to collect taxes and admin fees
  • Problem over the past couple of years – parcel tax system used initially. As individual lot owners bought, they have different expectations. Issues to look at with regard to process. Issue of budget brought forward. Committee fell apart and responsibilities fell to the ACRD.
  • New committee needs a work plan and formation of budget to bring forward to lot owners in draft form. In May meeting, draft budget to be brought forward to lot owners for questions, comments. In the 2nd meeting (Sept) budget will be adopted.
  • Security – new Committee must decide the role of security. Is a manager/caretaker needed? Decision up to lot owners. There is money in the budget allocated for education of caretaker/manager. Remuneration? Look at other models in other communities.
  • Was proper procedure used for purchasing policies? Yes, policies were followed. Anything over $5,000. must go to tender. Problem is availability of contractors. Cost to mobilize equipment. Difficulty with volunteer committee to deal with tender process – this would have to go to ACRD staff person. This would be paid for by SB owners (approx. $500 per day for ACRD staff) -
  • Should grading be tendered? Probably.
  • Awarding of $2,000 contract to family member of caretaker – this should not happen.
  • Proper minutes not kept.
  • There was no proper work plan to go with budget.
  • All this must be brought back -1. Renewal of caretaker/manager contract 2. Development of work plan / budget 3. Communications to the lot owners.
  • Budget – items are known from past history

- Others, unknown e.g. septic system. $10,000 normally put away for capital costs, this year $20,000 allocated (study needed to be done on disposal system)

- Budget envelopes must be spent or carried over to next year – can’t be carried from one envelope to another

  • Tony expects 4 meetings of the committee per year. After new committee is elected, a meeting should occur with Tony and the ACRD staff.

Document (outlining issues and questions) submitted by Ann Wodak. She would like it added to the minutes. (Please contact Ann for a copy of this 2 page document).

More questions to Tony

Question: If we were to employ a manager, what would the cost be?

Answer: The manager would not be an employee of the ACRD. The manager would be employed by Salmon Beach. New committee must look at similar communities and make recommendations. Other communities are set up as strata.

Q: What if we don’t get a committee today?

A: ACRD would take over with regards to budget, security, etc. Keep in mind that a staff member from ACRD won’t be available to assess the need of having pot holes filled, etc.

Q: Caretaker / Manager – should he/she be a lot owner?

A: That is the role of the committee. Recommendation is that it be a priority for this new committee.

Q: Who can ask questions to address the committee? People who are on title? Spouses of people on title?

A: The new committee will have to address these questions.

Q: When does the Security/ Maintenance contract expire?

A: Tony, we have no committee. It’s a fair question once we have a legitimate committee.

In the past, caretaker contracts were for 2 years.

Neal B. said that he thought the costs would double if a non lot owner was brought in. He explained that he had talks with Murray Hamilton at Horne Lake. Murray (the manager at Horne Lake) develops the budget, brings it forward to the 5 directors every year and since 2002 he has kept the strata fees the same.

As to road grading, Neal said that 2 or 3 years ago, he and Kathy got the cheapest road grader and says that money spent on road grading is not cheap but well worth the money.

Concern raised that as Salmon Beach grows, there may be a point where the manager should not be a lot owner. That will be addressed by the new committee.

Election of a new Committee.

This is to be a 5 member committee with no titles.

Richard Chambers nominated by Rosalind E. but with no written confirmation. Verbal consent does not normally stand.

Others nominated

Gina Skippen,

Dave Maudie,

Jill Maibach,

Rosalind Evertsz,

France Champeau, via e mail

Cindy Irwin-Lunde,

Caroline Lennox,

Ann Wodak,

Terry Graff.

Nominees spoke on their behalf:

Gina felt that controversies can be settled with the help of the ACRD and transparency with lot owners are the biggest concerns.

Dave has been a lot owner since 2001 and had a background in engineering.

Jill has been an owner for many years and said “Let’s get back on track”.

Rosalind has been an owner since 2003. She has 17 years of experience in a large UK bank in London. Also has experience in communications and management. She wants to improve communications.

Cindy has a passion for Salmon Beach. She is calm, collected person. Wants to step in and get involved.

Caroline has been a government project manager. Has managed budgets. Wants to be part of new committee.

Ann is interested in what goes on. Has an administration / law background.

Terry would like to go ahead and see a functioning committee this year.

Results of the vote: New committee members are:

Dave Maudie, Gina Skippen, Jill Maibach, Terry Graff and Cindy Irwin-Lunde

Motion from Kathy Spencer that votes be destroyed, seconded and passed

Motion by Ann Wodak that minutes of Aug 08 minutes be accepted with many amendments. After much discussion it was agreed that previous minutes be brought forward at the next meeting (Sept 09)

Q: Can Nicole e mail list of new committee members to lot owners?

A: Yes

Questions and Answers

Road allowance:

Info: at the last meeting, some survey pins were not registered (lot lots 50, 53 and 56)

Adriano Sandri spoke that the west side of 3rd St and lots on blocks 50, 53 and 56 were not registered with land titles. An error was made. Pins are in the wrong place.

Colin Burridge (surveyor) found an error in original survey (1898).Does that now mean that we should move pins, wells, roads, etc. Set backs would be out. Best solution would be to register as they sit at this point.

Kathy Spencer felt that this affects us all as a community.

Issue of Hydro coming in – how will hydro be able to properly hook up hydro – all this affects all infrastructure

Question from Ann Wodak: Can owners apply for a variance on their properties?

Answer: Dave said sometimes surveys are re-done, sometimes they are left alone.

Question: Caroline Lennox asked – hydro easements could be registered against lots. Can map be made available?

Answer: Dave replied that map should be posted for all lot owners.

Questions: Neal - survey lines were moved at the bottom of Short to allow for parking for boat launch. Many survey lines were not registered. This could get very involved and expensive. Marhal did not pay the bills.

Q: Shirley: Gary Bingham had a map of the Hydro project, right?

A: Committee will contact him.

Q: Kathy Spencer – she doesn’t want to lose opportunity to include survey issue in 2010 budget

A: Committee to look into.

Q: Adriano Sandri spoke to say that surveyor is aware of where everything is at this point. He thinks the cost should be about $25. per lot owner

Q: What is the responsibility of Tony Dann and engineering company? Why is he not responsible?

A: Committee will get back.

Q: Mike Harrison- dark skies issues cannot be swept under rug. It’s a community issue.

He asks that the committee look at it as a community issue and of course may become an issue with hydro in.

A; committee to get legal advice if needed

Stan Yates: 45 lots not registered on blocks 50, 53and 56. Pumps, tanks would be on street. Opening up a can of worms

George: Survey issue will be looked into by the committee and let’s move on.

Question: Mike Harrison asked: how will budget be dealt with?

Answer: Nicole explained that by next May new committee will present a draft budget to lot owners for discussion. In the Sept meeting, after review by the committee, it will be brought back to the lot owners as a final budget. After this, Tony will take the budget to the ACRD for approval.

Q: re: lot survey – developer wanted to sell more lots- is this how this issue arose?

A: Committee will get back to owners.

Q: Anthony Smitherman asked why we bought 2 lots by the admin building.

A: Committee members decided to go ahead with purchase at a good price for future Salmon Beach use. It was felt to be a good time to buy now before costs rise.

Q: Anthony Smitherman asked why we spent $9000. to develop Crown Land

A: Jill: we cannot respond now. Getting personal now.

Q: Where can we find out about the Hydro project?

A: Committee will get back to lot owners with clarification on the hydro project.

Q: Caroline Lennox put a motion re: dark sky policy in by law. Seconded by Ann Wodak

A: Committee will review the dark sky policy. Terry Graff says that it’s a matter of consideration - good neighbors’ policy. Committee can’t change / make by laws.

Q: Julie Lee: there is a communication breakdown. Julie suggests that there be a website with newsletter, executive contacts, etc, etc

A: Nicole has pointed out that $4,000 has been put aside for a Communications committee. This will be developed by the new committee as only they can set up a Communications committee.

Q: Bruce asked if there could be someone from Hydro at the fall mtg.

A: Yes the committee will try to get someone to answer our questions.

Q: Ann Wodak asked what happed to our old fire truck.

A: It was given away.

Q: Was a tax receipt given?

A: No and Merle Graff replied that it wasn’t worth to rebuild.

Nicole : there is $ in the new budget for a trailer that could spray roads with salt water to keep dust down, clean bridges, boat ramp and pump truck and possibly more.

Jill Maiback said that the old truck was never a fire truck. It was not here for fire protection. Please ask Wayne (Skip) Skippen for more info on this matter.

Q: What was it used for?

A: Reprimands were given for using the utility as a “fire truck”

Paul Miville said that the plan was put together to buy a utility trailer. Two companies are providing bids to provide this service.

The old truck was given away. Salmon Beach would have had to pay to have it taken away.

Dave M: We do not have Fire Protection here at Salmon Beach.

Q: Anthony asked if we got a tax receipt for the “utility truck”.

A: No

Motion put forward for adjournment by Nicole and seconded by Shirlee Y.

Motion passed at 1310 pm.

Many thanks to Carolyn Shearer for taking the minutes of this meeting. Not an easy job.

*Note - Clarification of information in this document is located in the July 3rd Executive Meeting Minutes.