Salmon Beach Committee Meeting Minutes for May 19, 2019

Salmon Beach Owners & Committee Meeting Minutes

(See the Director’s Report at the bottom of these minutes)

Sunday, May 19th 2019 – at the Tennis Court, called to order at 10:01am


· Ken Lunde recognized the meeting this morning is being held within the Toquaht First Nation

traditional territory

· Introduction of committee members: Ken Lunde (Chair), Ellen Peete, Jill Maibach, Terry Graff and newly seated Ron McKinlay, taking over for Kel Roberts

· Welcomed Kel Roberts our newly elected Area "C" Director

Statement of Conduct – limit questions and time allotment

· When speaking, please state your name first

Approval of the September 3rd 2018 SBC Meeting Minutes and agenda as handed out.

· Moved: Ellen Peet

· Seconded: Karen Bennett


Chairman’s report

Holding tanks

· Should we wish to mandate holding tanks be installed, we will need to have the ACRD approach Island Health on our behalf (no discussion)

Stairs 4th and Saratoga

A site visit was conducted, and the cost of this visit was $1000.00

The steps can go in, BUT we would need to have the following completed first:

· An Engineering report would be required, cost estimated at $4500.00

· A Geo-Tech Report would also be required, cost estimated at $2000.00

McGill (name) has been asked to prepare the design for the stairs. We asked for an estimate

· After the above have been completed satisfactorily, cost estimated between $60.000.00 to $70,000.00


Q) Price Carson: asked if McGill was the only company approached?

A) Yes- McGill Engineering is very familiar with Salmon Beach and has been of assistance

to us on many projects.

The community was asked if they wanted to move forward with the construction of the stairs?

Community voted it down

Septic field upgrade

H2O has prepared a design for the field. The ACRD has put it out to tender, so we are hoping to have it remediated either this summer or early fall.

· While it is being worked on, we would still have access to the East field

· Pump and hauls could become an issue and wait times might increase as we would lose 25% of the field


Q) Dave Ingram: would it be possible to either have it done before the summer or wait until after Labour Day to eliminate any issues?

A) The committee will take that under advisement

Toquaht meeting Oct 3rd

Kel Roberts, Ken Lunde, Jill Maibach had a friendly meeting on October 3, 2018 with the Toquaht First Nations Band. Items discussed were:

· Paving the main road from the Highway down to their new campsite.

· They have more access to funding and resources than our community does

· We may be approached to assist with funding so we may also have the possibility to have our 6 KM road paved as well

· Forestry and others may cause us grief during this process

· A letter of support has been provided to the Toquaht First Nations indicating we are in favour and support this initiative


Q) Price Carson: If paving goes ahead, what impact would this have on our current status as Water Access Only? Given this current status it limits our ability to progress.

A) Kel Roberts: Kel will be going to Victoria to lobby changing this for us.

Q) Price Carson: Is there anything else community members can do to further support this initiative?

A) Kel Roberts: Asked to please leave it with him for now. He has a meeting with MLA , Scott Fraser, on May 22 and he will address it at this meeting.


Four or five areas in our community needed repair after last winter's storms. There has been a lot of effort and activity into addressing these particular areas:

· Deer Bay Contracting has been given the go ahead to clean ditching on 7th Ave. from 1097 down to 1073.

· Owners are asked to try and divert water (after storms) to ditches (if possible) or to the roadway

There has also been a lot of discussion on the installation of culverts

· Past - In the past Salmon Beach paid for ditching, owners paid for the culverts and paid to install them.

· Moving forward: Salmon Beach Community will purchase 10 to 15 culverts and store in our works yard. Community members needing to install culverts can arrange to buy them through the ACRD and then can arrange to have them installed.

Ministry of Transit (MOT) Standards

· The current diameter of culverts as per MOT standards is 16 inches.

· They also require (or a 20 foot driveway) that 30 feet of culvert be installed. They would like to see 5 feet on each side.

· The SBC is going to follow up with the ACRD as they disagree with this requirement

Discussion around ditching and culverts

Kel Roberts: MOT standards require 16 inch culverts, he feels more research needs to go into this and that we need to take a common sense approach

Cliff Bauer: 5th doesn't have ditches and they are also concerned over run-offs, can we add an element of speed for this project

Ryan Smith: can we get Deer Bay contracting to come out for a day and ditch one side of a street, then we will have a good idea of costs moving forward

Q) Deanna Schmidt: Can we purchase our own culverts and install them

A) Further discussions need to be held with ACRD

Tennis Court Resurfacing (not on agenda) - late addition due to recent new information

We would like to convert this to a multi-use surface so that users can play tennis, pickle ball, hockey, etc

We have received two quotes to resurface the Tennis Courts, line painting is not included in the quotes

Quote 1 - Rayner Bracht Construction

· Option One - Remove (50 mm) and replace asphalt, cost estimated at $54,884.25

· Option Two - Supply and replace asphalt, cost estimated at $58,374.00

Quote 2 - Alberni Paving

· Option One - Grind out cracks and re-pave ($8,000.00),Apply one coat sealer ($3,600.00), Apply two coats sealer ($7000.00)....based on quote from August 2018, this quote should still be fairly close to original one

Option Two - Resurface existing asphalt tennis court with 2 inches hot asphalt ($29,902.50)


Q) Karen Bennett: what was the cost for the grinding option?

A) Approx $15,000.00 and then line painting costs

Statements by community members

· Based on the fact that it would have been nicer if it was done properly, we should move ahead

· A lot of money for something that doesn't get used that often

· We really only need a playing surface

· The reason it is not being used is because it needs repair

· We don't need a top notch surface, but we need a better one that we currently have

Motion to move forward with Option Two set out by Alberni Paving

· Moved: Christel Fong

· Seconded: Elizabeth Chiasson


New Business:

2020 Salmon Beach proposed budget* / Future capital expenditures

Boat Ramp

Bruce Coutts: The buoys are always needed at the boat ramp

Kevin Middlemiss: Non Salmon Beach Kayakers vehicle...if you see someone you don't recognize, ask them where they live to deter them from parking at the boat launch

Steve Hayward: Can we look at getting signage installed from May to September to address this? SBC to follow up

Motion to put the buoys in and out along with the boat ramp, thus increasing the boat ramp budget by $3000.00 more annually

· Ron McKinlay moved

· Ken Lunde seconded


Security Cameras

Kim McQueen: Asked if we could get cameras installed as a deterrent?

Ellen Peete: Responded that we do have money in Security that could address this issue.

Joan King: regarding video surveillance, are we required to post signage? Ron Mckinly let the community know, that, yes, we are required to post signage.

Dave Schofield: Let the community know that as a result of theft he has installed cameras at his property

Paul Smood: please ensure they are installed high enough to avoid vandalism

Motion to utilize Capital Reserve Security funds to put into upgrading cameras at the sani Field, entrance gate, garbage & recycling are and any other areas needed

Ellen Peet moved

Merle Graff seconded


2nd container purchased

A second container has been purchased - all electrical will be housed inside of it

The purpose of the second one was to provide shelter for our pump truck (a cover will be built over the two containers) as well as provide the community with shelter during meetings should it rain

Potable Water System

We will also start to look at a Potable water system. This will be for drinking water only and not for general use. We are going to look at a pay as you go system that will allow the cost for the drinking water to pay for any maintenance needed for the upkeep to the system.

Garbage (not on agenda)

Kel Roberts: Reminded community Members not to dump the following in our garbage containers

· Drywall

· BBQ's

· Mattresses

Please talk to your neighbors to let them know the rules

Mike Shorthouse: hopefully new recycling bins will eliminate these issues

Muriel McGregor: Asked if could lock the backs of the garbage containers so that large items could not be placed in them?

Dave Ingram: Can we engage the Building Inspectors to let construction crews know our rules? Kel to follow up with ACRD

Irene Sandri: Suggested we ensure signage is created that lets owners, contractors, etc. of what can and cannot be dumped. The SBC will ensure signage is created

Ryan Smith: Commented that huge piles usually start appearing around them in March

Owner's Information

Q) Adraino Sandri: How do we let new owners know the rules?

A) Ken Lunde: ACRD Website, our Website, our Facebook page, Owner's Manuals (please contact Ken for

additional copies.

Christell Fong: Please utilize Social Media more

· Ken also let the community know that last summer 350 Owner's Manuals were mailed out using the addresses from BC Assessment.

Dust Control (Interior Roads)

Q) Dave Schofield: how do we get the roads to be coated with the dust control material? Ryan let the community know that he is contact with the owner and that he hopes to be out here before June. Ryan rides along with him to ensure it is done to our standard.

A) Kel Roberts: The fellow who provides the dust control is going to let us know about a chip and seal for our roads as this may be a more sustainable alternative. Kel also reminded the community that if you are riding ATVs they need to be licensed as some folks have been ticketed for not complying.

Tom Duke: He has noticed cement trucks not obeying the posted speed limit - Kel to follow up with company

Community Survey update - Jill Maibach

· We approached SB Community members for their Salmon Beach Wish List looking down the road in five, ten, fifteen and 20 years down the road.

· We will be gathering information until the fall and then we will ask for the ACRDs assistance to create a survey

· Price Carson: addressed point number 7 that indicates the desire to be self-governing. It is his understanding that in order to do that we would need 500 permanent members and currently this is not the case

Telus Fibre Optics

· Apparently when Hydro was installed we could have had the option to put in additional conduit for future needs. At that time, we recall Telus telling us there were no plans to install telephone lines, so we did not move forward.

Silt trap on 3rd

· This is an FYI...the owner on 3rd who is installing a silt trap is doing so at his own expense. This has nothing to do with SB funding.

Access to Ryan Smith (not on agenda)

· Please refrain from going to Ryan's home to discuss work.

· Ryan is happy to be approached during his working hours when he is out and about in the community.

Burn Pile - by garbage area (not on agenda)

· Ken will have a new sign made up of what can and cannot be burnt. We will also ensure a camera is installed in that area as well.

Land survey contact info

· This was mailed out to affected lot owners. Contact Ken if you want to receive the report.

General vote for 2020 Salmon Beach proposed budget

· We will vote on the budget, based on what was discussed today, at September 1, 2019 meeting

General vote for 2020 Salmon Beach Candidates - for consideration by ACRD Board of Directors

There was some discussion about the level of commitment required of committee members.

· The committee’s primary responsibility is budgetary and they work with the ACRD to achieve this.

· There is a fair amount of time required as they need to ensure Salmon Beach runs smoothly and efficiently.

· The committee meets with the ACRD following our two meetings a year to follow up with the communities input into the budgets

· Moving forward, each committee member will be required to take on an envelope so that the responsibility does not fall to one individual.

· Minutes from meetings are posted on the ACRD website as well as our own

Kel stated that all committee members are willing to stand for another year.

Kel called for elections should anyone else like to stand

· He called once

· He called a second time

· He called a third time

No one else stepped forward, therefore all committee members will stand for another year

Kel thanked the committee members for all their time and effort put into Salmon Beach.

Patience Conley: Thanked Kel for being the first positive Area Director we have seen for a while.

Ken asked if anyone would step forward to take minutes at our next the time no one stepped forward.

Meeting adjourned at 11:45am

Area C Director / Staff - reports

Thanked the community for their support during the election

He attends two to three Board Meetings a month

He sits on eight different committees

1. Parks Service Review Committee

2. Area Planning Committee

3. West Coast Committee

4. SBC

5. Offshore Pacific AdvisoryCommittee

6. West Coast Aquatic Board

7. Electoral Area Directors Committee

8. Long Beach Airport Advisory Committee


Further updates from the Director


· With all the logging that has occurred, both the Toquaht and Ucluelet have benefitted. Both have received 3 Million Dollars as a direct result of logging

Road Grading and Paving

· He has been involved with the paving of the Maggie main road

· We have gone from 11 gradings a year to 17 a year for close to the same annual cost

· He will be meeting with the Mayor of Ucluelet regarding the grading of the back road. He would like to see it graded more often

· He has met with the MOT and once the Kennedy Hill project is completed, we can expect to have the hill off the highway paved

· He is looking at trying to remedy the turnoff on to our road. As funds become available this will be rectified.

Garbage and Recycling

· There will be an increase to our Garbage fund as last year it was short by $5,000.00. We saw an increase of 24% year over year. Given we have additional community members we have also seen an increase in garbage.

· The ACRD is looking at installing a small recycling centre on site. However, we MUST abide by the rules or it will be removed.

· They are also looking at an Organics station at the Tofino land fill. This would be turned into compost and sold back to the community at a nominal cost.


· BC Transit is planning on running a bus system that will service Port Albion, Ucluelet and Tofino. It will be a 70 minute round trip and the bus will hold 20 people. It may increase busses if warranted. It is scheduled to run year round.

Septic Field

· The Septic field upgrade will cost us approximately $80,000.00 to repair. We will need to pay this up front, but there is a strong possibility we may be able to receive some funding back for this project from the Gas Tax.

Fog Zone Ban

· The 2 KM Fog Zone has now been lifted. What that means is the ACRD is now looking at a burning by-law for Area C. More information (as it becomes available) will be forwarded on the SBC.

· We can apply for an exemption to have fires

· We cannot have unattended beach fires

· We can still have small fires in our years

Fog Zone Discussion:

Q) Price Carson: Where do we get our direction for fires?

A) Kel Roberts: Coastal Fire

Q) Tom Duke: What can be done about overgrown lots that have foliage that is flammable? BC Forest Service (Protecting your Community) has two zones that identify vegetation height restrictions. He would like to see us adopt, by way of a by-law, that recognizes us following Zone 2's recommendations.

A) Kel Roberts: There is an unsightly by law currently in place. Kel will follow up regarding Zone 2 with his other Area Directors.

Closing remarks

· Kel's contact information can be located on the ACRD's website

· Further updates will be communicated to the SBC