Salmon Beach Committee - May 17, 2015 Meeting with the Salmon Beach Owners Meeting Minutes

Salmon Beach Committee Meeting with the Salmon Beach Owners

May 17, 2015 – 10 am, Tennis Court, Salmon Beach Recreational Village


Present: The Salmon Beach Committee (Terry Graff, Ken Lunde, Len Jerritt and Kel Roberts) Regrets: Jill Maibach

Tony Bennett- Area C Director

Russell Dyson – ACRD Chief Administrative Officer

Russ Irish – Engineer, McElhanney Engineering, Courtenay, BC

Scott Fraser - MLA

Lot owners representing 47 lots. Total attendance approximately 75 people, including guests.

The meeting was called to order at 10:12 am by Chairman Kel Roberts.

Introductions and Announcements:

Kel introduced the Salmon Beach Committee (SBC) and guests.

He also reviewed the Statement of Conduct for the meeting and asked people to identify themselves when asking questions, and to limit their time.


· Chairman’s report – Kel Roberts

1. Road Maintenance Update – A meeting was held September 19, 2014 attended by Scott Fraser, Kel, and Mike Irg, ACRD Director of Urban Planning, following the road maintenance letter campaign to MLA’s initiated by Salmon Beach residents. The purpose was to update Scott Fraser on the road maintenance issues we have at Salmon Beach.

2. Following that meeting Scott Fraser arranged for a meeting on October 28, 2014 in Victoria at the legislature to discuss with the Minister of Forests, Minister Thomson and his associate, the issues surrounding MOF roads that lead to Salmon Beach. The discussion included that while we are zoned Marine Recreational, we have never been a boat access only community, and in fact we have always had access by MOF roads. The Minister’s staff stated that as a result of various factors, we do not meet the criteria for regular road maintenance from the Maggi Lake Main to Salmon Beach. And therefore, it is not in a position to, or responsible for, maintaining our roads. This combined with the fact that we are not officially a year around residential community makes getting government cooperation a challenge.

- Though Scott Fraser had intended to be a part of the October meeting with the Minister, he was detained elsewhere, but subsequently wrote a letter dated March 31, 2015 to Minister Thomson expressing concerns on Branch 4 road maintenance (the Salmon Beach section). The Minister responded with a letter that Scott read at our meeting, a copy of which can be viewed on the Salmon Beach website. He said he will continue to pursue the Ministry, and he believes there is potential for a better situation than there is now. He cited the community of Bamfield as having problems with road maintenance as well. Kel thanked Scott for a bit of headway.

- The tender for the Maggie Main maintenance contract has recently been let to Deer Bay Contracting. The Salmon Beach contract with Deer Bay is in effect for another 2 years, so there is little potential for the MOF taking us on until such time as that contract is concluded.

- The committee’s intent is to continue to pursue the change of zoning and to keep insisting that the MOF be responsible for maintaining our roads.

3. Dust Control – the application of material for dust control is scheduled to happen soon.

4. Boat Ramp at Toquart Bay – the band has applied for a commercial marina license from the Ministry of Forests for the boat ramp and marina at Toquart Bay.

· Area C Director –Tony Bennett

1. There is little to report at this time.

2. He thanked Russell Dyson for coming out on the long weekend.

· ACRD CAO – Russell Dyson

1. Maintenance Contractor position – we have been in transition since the resignation of Kathleen Holland and also the departure of Andy Daniel, but are now moving forward. The SBC and ACRD have been in discussion and have agreed on the job description for the Maintenance Contractor’s position at Salmon Beach. Russell mentioned that Randy Fraser has been consulting for the ACRD and has been reviewing the job requirements for our Maintenance Contractor. The ACRD is hoping to have the proposal for contract go out soon.

Our 2015 budget will be adjusted to provide for an ACRD staff person to be onsite 2 days/week as far as funding goes. In actuality their presence will probably follow seasonal need, but for now the onsite schedule is 4 Saturdays per month, at least. Their role will be to oversee contracts, and administer maintenance and operations. The person will have office space located in the Administration Building. The position will be on a trial basis for one year, and will be monitored for that period.

2. The Administration Building was recently condemned for safety reasons by ACRD building inspector Rob Gaudreault, but the SBC and ACRD have decided to repair the building to an acceptable standard for community use for the cost of $11,000, in order for it to be used as office space for the ACRD person and also to gain back our library and storage. Flooring for the building is an additional cost.

3. Russell apologized that the community was not advised of the condemnation of the Admin. Building in a timely manner.

4. Please be advised that the books previously contained in the library are temporarily being stored at various lot owners’ residences. Gina Skippen has a list of those people. This was done to preserve the books which were becoming very damp and musty.

5. Russell thanked Ryan for his work during the past year.

6. Randy Fraser has expertise as far as roads, drainage issues, sealing of roads, and obtaining costs, so Salmon Beach will benefit from his presence here and his recommendations.

7. ACRD Bylaw 1067 revisions are in process. This Bylaw affects 12 communities throughout the ACRD which are similar to Salmon Beach. The Bylaw provides for how local communities work, their process, and how much control the various local committees have. The changes include positive revisions to the terms and conditions of our SBC as it relates to the ACRD, and how much control it has regarding decisions for our SB community. Russell agreed to provide a summary of the Bylaw changes to Terry Graff for posting on the website.

8. Contracts – garbage, grading, and management contracts are for 3 years.

9. Sani-field – the Sani-field is performing well. It is an integral part of Salmon Beach and must be protected, and we must insure proper use. Nothing non-organic can be allowed to go into the field. Plans to rebuild and repair the remaining field are scheduled for 2017, and increased capacity will be considered at a future time as needed.

10. Vandalism at the sani-field continues to be an issue. Per Ryan, a proper back gate will be installed very soon.

11. Access by owners to the sani-field is on Saturday’s from 8 am to 1 pm. Please make an appointment with Ryan for access to dump your holding tank.

· Salmon Beach Water Evaluation – Russ Irish

1. Russ was onsite four weeks ago to assess the water wells, as to ownership and condition, and to assemble a photo inventory of our wells.

2. Records indicate there are 21 wells at Salmon Beach, however, Russ was able to find only 20. 19 are on private property, and the 1 near the Admin. Building is on provincial highway right of way. 11 wells have easements referring to the surrounding properties. Kathleen Holland was able to identify the location of the 21st well.

3. The well history is not fully known at this time.

4. Russ will provide recommendations to us once the study is complete.

5. Kel advised that the Developer Marv Holland had many of the wells drilled.

6. Scott Fraser asked if there is sufficient water available underground. Answer: depends on demand and how we deal with sewer. Russell asked for a show of hands of how many people currently use the hand pumps for their primary water. There were many.

7. Paul Smood stated that when we pump from local creeks, as many people currently do, we destroy fish habitat and other environmental conditions, so it is certainly advantageous and essential to all concerned to have pressurized water available onsite.

8. Dave Ingram asked to confirm whether the current pressurized well is for maintenance. Answer: yes.

9. It was stated that VIHA requires that if water is shared it must be potable.

10. Jan Versendaal asked if water from a private well causes illness, is the owner liable?

11. Other comments from the audience included; (A) if a sign is posted that water is non-potable doesn’t that cover liability issues? Answer: not sure. (B) Aren’t the wells owned by the community? Answer: There is no Salmon Beach entity to own them. (C) Suggestion that a “boil water advisory” sign could cover liability issue.

12. Russ stated that the project is just half way through the process, and all well owners will be notified in due course.

· Sanitation Update – James Yates (Yates Environmental Services), a lot owner at SB, was scheduled to be at this meeting, but unforeseen circumstances prevented his attendance. Per conversations with Kel, James has done some research into several sanitation options at SB, is enthusiastic about those options, and will provide a report in the near future.

New Business:

· Review of the 2016 Salmon Beach proposed budget. Kel reviewed each service area and asked for questions or comments.

1. Sewer – The $4000 feasibility study re James Yates is still available as James has not charged us for anything yet. Kel thanked Ryan for his continuing service with the pump truck. An audience member asked if our income is in line with our expenses as far as the pump and haul is concerned. Any revenues stay in the sewer service envelope. Dave Ingram suggested that the fees should be adjusted if they are not in line with costs.

2. Security – Per Ryan, a proper back gate is to be installed.

3. Garbage – Please pack out what you pack in. Please do not deposit household or construction items at the garbage site, and please take home your garbage when you can. Kathleen Holland suggested that propane tanks can be taken to gas stations where they may give you some $ for them, but at least will recycle them properly. Tony reported that area garbage bans are being considered, which may result in fines being assessed to us for improper garbage disposal, and would inevitably increase costs to all lot owners via increases to your parcel taxes.

Motion: The SBC to investigate the costs associated with a bin for metal recycling. Moved by Dave Ingram and seconded by Price Carson. Defeated by show of hands.

Motion: to install signs saying “Please pack out what you pack in” at the entrance to Salmon Beach and at the garbage site. Moved by Ann Wodack and seconded by Dave Lucas. Carried by show of hands.

4. Recreation – Now includes $2000 for community events. Gina Skippen reviewed the “2015 Community Events” pamphlet which was given to each attendee, and thanked all the committee members for volunteering. She also invited anyone who is interested in joining the committee to please contact her.

5. Transportation – The $10,000 dust control allowance will be used this season.

It was brought to the attention of the SBC that the Administration costs associated with Transportation seemed very high. The Committee will review how/why this came about and make the appropriate adjustments to this draft budget.

6. Water – There will be reviews of the well testing as it currently operates.

Dawn Sanders asked why some wells are operating and some not. Kel responded that the existence of pit privies provides problems for well water, and also irregular usage made for inconsistent water quality. Some wells were decommissioned as a result.

The total 2016 proposed budget is $346,250, with a total capital reserve fund yet to be determined. Kel reported that the parcel tax for 2016 is expected to be $911.18/lot based on 380 lots.

Information Updates and Discussion:

· Salmon Beach Owners communication – Kel reiterated the importance of checking the authorized Salmon Beach website for accurate and timely information regarding your community. The address is Also, if you have questions or concerns please put them in writing and send via fax to 250-585-2823, attention: Jill Maibach.

· It was asked whether the tennis court will be repaired to good condition. Answer: not at this time.

· The location of the defibrillator was discussed. Please be advised that the defibrillator is currently out of service.

· Community Gathering Place – Tony B.

- Reported that he took the proposal to the ACRD Board. Kevin Middlemiss was in attendance and explained the concept to board members. Following that the decision was made to support the gathering place provided that there be wording in the minutes that the ACRD will oversee and maintain it. This is necessary because there is no Salmon Beach entity to take responsibility. It is the intent of Kevin’s committee that volunteers will provide construction materials, labor, and maintenance for the structure at no cost.

- Motion: That we proceed with the Gathering Place as previously stated in the May 2014 minutes, but with the addition that the ACRD will oversee and maintain it. Moved by Dave Ingram and seconded by Muriel McGregor. Carried by show of hands. 37 in favor. 11 opposed.

- Tony stated that our results regarding the gathering place will be presented for decision at the May 27th ACRD Board meeting.

Volunteer recognition – Kel thanked the SBC for their hard work, and all the volunteers who help make our community viable and enjoyable.

General Vote for 2016 SBC Candidates:

Tony took over the Chair of the meeting and thanked the existing committee. He stated that the existing SBC of Jill Maibach, Ken Lunde, Terry Graff, Len Jerritt and Kel Roberts will stand for next year. In accordance with procedure Tony asked for further nominations from the floor three times. With no one coming forward, Tony proclaimed the current SBC elected by acclimation. Ratification to be scheduled with the ACRD Board of Directors at their next meeting.

Kel thanked everyone for coming, including our guests Scott, Tony, Russell, and Russ, and encouraged people to think about participating in the SBC next year.

Meeting adjourned at 12:10 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Karen Bennett

Acting Secretary



2016 Draft Budget

2015 Community Events pamphlet