June 6th and 7th, 2009

Post date: Jun 8, 2009 4:46:11 AM

On June the 6th, Dave, Jill, Terry, and Kathy spent 5 hours touring the beach and discussing repairs, updates, and future plans. They met again on the 7th to continue the discussions.

The following were the focus:

  • Clearing and fencing silt traps
  • Cleaning up the storage yard (derelict items need to be removed.)
  • Relocating the recycle center to the garbage compound
  • Sandy beach stairs/ramp still needs to be completed
  • Recreation area repairs and possible upgrades
  • Cutting the overgrown grass on the sani-field
  • Repairing the community center
  • Volunteers are needed to maintain the community library - The people who borrowed the DVD's need to bring them back for others to borrow.
  • Community walking paths
  • Social committee needs to be established if we are going to have our usual community events.
  • Arranging grading for the Salmon Beach road from Toquart Main
  • Continued alder and weed whacking as directed by the SB Committee
  • Reviewed letters submitted to the Executive for consideration
  • Reviewed the "Security and Management" contract and prepared it for submission to the ACRD