Minutes of the Salmon Beach Village Regular Fall General Meeting - Sept. 4, 2011

The purpose of this meeting is the approval of the 2012 budget.

In addition to the approximate 50 lot owners, those present were

Russell Dyson – ACRD (Chief Administrative Officer).

Salmon Beach Committee Members, Terry Graff, Jill Maibach and Dave Ingram (Chair)

Kathy Holland (Salmon Beach Manager)

Tony Bennett (Area C Elected Rep.- ACRD) and Gina Skippen (SBC Member) were absent.

Proposed budget.

Dave I. noted that many lot owners expressed to the committee that they did not want to keep seeing the annual dues and budget increasing every year. This proposed budget was prepared with this in mind..

The reserve funds are being put on a moratorium. Dave said that we’ll be voting on the parcel tax and the various envelopes that make up the budget and therefore the parcel tax.

( A hard copy comparison of the proposed 2012 and 2011 budget were given to the attendees).

1.- Water- the plan is to install a well next to the Admin. Building. A filter will be installed because of the lead and arsenic content of the water.

Hazel Jack – Q:so this cannot be called potable?

A: that’s right

W. Kalapsky – Q: is the well drilled now?

A: yes and the flow is good.

R. Ramsden: - Q: why do we have ACRD charges?

A: R. Dyson – explained the various charges are due to the services provided by the ACRD.

C. Lennox: Q: should we consider a user fee for this well

A: after much discussion it was agreed to be brought up at the next May meeting.

2. Sewer

Biffy pumping of the public toilets – the committee suggested that 2 of the biffies be taken out of service as usage is being abused. At times these need to be cleaned twice a week. This would save a significant amount as total biffy costs are estimated to be $10,000 for 2012. Of even greater concern is the junk being thrown in the biffies that is pumped to the sani-field where it causes damage to our system.

L. Harrison asked for more discussion about this step.

C. Bishop asked us all to be responsible. After all we are adults.

L. Bishop said that what we need is education and respect and suggested we bring our own paper.

C. Faught pleaded that we keep the 3rd beach biffy open.

Motion: A. Wodak moved and C. Lennox seconded that the second biffy at the playground only be removed.

Motion as presented was carried.

M. Harrison suggested that keys be issued.

J. Maibach was dismayed about the abuse. She feels the sanifield is of greater concern.

Motion as presented was carried.

Motion: C. Bishop moved that the manager manage the supplies to the biffies, and could close some or all at her discretion.

Seconded by R. Sklapsky. Motion carried

L. Bishop – Q; why do we need sanifield cutting.

A: the idea here is to keep the growth of alders, etc to a minimum.

A.Wodak- Q: why is paint gone from pump truck and why is it kept outside

A: K. Holland – tank of the truck was not properly primed and started peeling after warranty expired and it’s kept outside so the rain can wash it.

3. Garbage

D. Ingram noted that the tipping fees are the same as last year but that the trucking has increased.

4. Recreation

K. Holland explained that the beach access ramp would be set up next to the existing steps.

5. Security

R. Ramdsen- Q: why was first aid removed?

D. Ingram A: the manager is not here all the time and there could be a liability issues.

R. Ramdsen – Q: why not have a first aid attendant on site 24/7

R. Dyson_ A: the ACRD can look into this and cost it out.

K. Roberts said that a full time first aid attendant would not be feasible

J. Lucas- Q: where is the defibrillator located? And if K. Holland can we phone 911?

A: K. Holland – it is located in her cabin and yes 911 can be called.

Motion: John Rukin moved, seconded by K. Roberts that first aid supplies and equipment is stored in a waterproof cabinet with a light and alarm when opened.

Motion carried

K. Holland explained that the camera has been installed at the electronic gate and the gate may be operational by Sept 10th.

6. Transportation

L. Bishop asked that owners trim down alders that impede the view of others.

Re: internal alder removal – Salmon Beach can only remove alders from ditches not private property.

P. Forbes has lost her ocean view completely and has permission from her neighbours to have them cut down. However, she can’t physically do it. L. Bishop has volunteered to do this for her.

C. Todd said all she sees now are buildings, no view.

D. Sklapsky lives on phase 3 and is concerned about bears, cougars and safety because of the number and height of alders on the empty lots in her area.

A. Wodak said that the “booklet” stated that we would keep alders to a 6 foot height.

R. Dyson said that the ACRD could get a bylaw as to alder height the enforcement costs would be very high. He suggested we work together as the better solution.

K. Middlemiss feels that we need something with teeth so that we can enforce the alder problem.

P. Forbes said that the ditching has decreased her property values because of it’s depth. She said her driveway is too narrow. K. Holland will look into this.

J. Lee said there are many deep ditches with little water in them. They were hydroseeded by BC Hydro and the geese ate everything.

P. Forberg said the ditch on 7th has standing water in it and this generates bugs and the weeds are very tall.

A. Wodak wanted to know the timing of culvert on 6th and was told Sept or early Oct.


A. Wodak moved that we not proceed with the well next to Admin Biulding. No seconder. Motion defeated.

C. Todd questioned the cost of office supplies, admin fees and the manager’s salary.

D. Ingram explained – these costs are for paper, postage, meeting costs and the admin fees are for ACRD personnel and service charges. The manager’s salary is a contract with the Regional District and will be up for renewal in 2012.


Moved by D. Ingram and seconded by K. Bennett that the proposed 2012 budget be accepted.

Motion passed.

Other business.

Dave Ingram announced the fact that Dave Maudie had resigned from both the Salmon Beach Committee and the Salmon Beach Owners Association. On behalf of both Dave Ingram thanked Dave Maudie for the years of service to the community both as the Chair and as a member. It was announced that Kel Roberts would replace Dave Maudie as a member of the Salmon Beach Committee.

C. Lennox asked if the Forum was being funded from the budget.

Dave Ingram explained that the Forum had not been funded from the budget for some time and at this time there was no intention to do so. A motion to consider communications had been put forward at the May 2011 AGM and the matter will be dealt with at the May 2012 AGM .

Sub committees were asked to meet at the end of this meeting.

M. Witter reminded everybody of the dance tonight. And would love help with the decorating. And there’ll a 50/50 tonight also.

L. Bishop implored everybody to please slow down.

J. Ramdsen suggested that the head be at the other end of the tennis so that those not at the head table don’t have to face the sun.

The suggestion was agreed by all

Meeting was adjourned at 12 noon.

NOTE* Omission from the minutes added September 29, 2011

The SBC and the SBOA have been looking at whether we could modify the SBC bylaw so as to maintain all the benefits of the 2 committees and if so would bring it back to the owners to see if they wished to eliminate the SBOA.