May 2011 AGM Minutes

Salmon Beach Executive Committee Meeting

May 22, 2011

Attendees 53 lots represented as well as the standing SBC executive.

Meeting called to order at 10:15 AM by Dave Maudie – Chair


Welcomed everyone for attending and introduced Committee Members and Tony Bennett from ACRD.

2010 -11 Accomplishments


General discussion about the formal tendering process and selection of contractors was completed for the 2011 work activities. About 80% of the budget is now tendered out with much of the remaining budget locked in capital funds and a small amount for emergency work. (eg last year we had to block ditches and divert water from silting up the eel grass area in front)

Building bylaw

Lot owners can have 240 Sq. Ft. of covered deck and the height of the out buildings reduced to 12 Ft.

Sani Field study

The sani-field needs to be expanded but more info to follow on that. The water is non potable.

Water well development

We have finished the admin well testing as well as other wells.

All water on site is considered non potable.

Hydro installations

We have arrived, hydro is operational. Many hours of work have gone into this project from its inception to now thanks to all who have contributed to insuring this project was successful.

Security Gate

The gate was here but we forgot to call before we excavated and now have to wait. This should be a reminder to all owners to call before you dig we are a big town now.

Ongoing and Future project considerations

The Administration Building

The existing building is beyond Maintenance and will need help in the next 3 – 5 years. Work is required to determine what it should look like and what do we need.

The Works Yard

We will soon need a place to work from because our zoning does not allow us to have a commercial activity anywhere within Salmon Beach. We need equipment and material storage, none is available.

Land use Planning

In future SB will need to address the administration, works yard and possibly other land uses not sanctioned and a program will need to be developed. We are the 3rd largest community on the west coast and once all lots are developed and more traffic is ongoing these may be some of the considerations.

Boat Launch.

At present the boat launch may be satisfactory but we need to plan for the future and grow with it. This year we spent $3000.00 redoing the float system. The breakwater needs work the parking need to be addressed. We can’t wait till it is critical we need to plan ahead.

Boat launch proposal placed on the side boards is a 5 to 7 year project to the amount of +/- $150,000. Please review it and we would be glad to hear comments.

Environmental issues – we live here in the pristine part of the world we need to keep it this way I believe this is a non negotiable area

Sewage Handling

We have just completed a new Sani – field study that brings some things to light and also requires more sewage treatment. What that system looks like still needs to be reviewed and a program to follow needs to be developed.

There are many questions to be asked and presently the consultant in proposing $350,000.00 to $400,000.00 costs. We need knowledgeable people to help determine what this looks like.

Garbage and recycling

Last year we spent $8000 on garbage hauling and dumping. With minimal recycling.

This next year will require a new recycling bin ( $5000) and more disposal fees. This is also non negotiable. If we generate it and leave it at SB then it is going to cost everyone.

Committee Sign up sheets

There is much work to be done at Salmon Beach ranging from planning for the future to sewage to water to buildings and facilities. There is far more work than the five executive people can handle and we are requesting some volunteers from the owners to review and propose programs addressing these issues.

Sign up sheets were available for volunteers for the different committees on the front table.

Thanks to all those that sign up.


Bob Murray asked about the services and who is going to pay for it?

There are all kinds of ways of dealing with problems but it takes many people to solve these. Spending money is just one way.

If we become a self-entity costs will increase. If we become municipality we could apply for grant for recreational villages.

Hydro question

Andy – 1054 Second – we pay $370.03 on taxes for Hydro. It can be paid by lump sum up front and it will reduce future costs. A total of $6,000 if paid overtime.

Caroline L. – What is the total cost of Hydro overruns charged back to owners.

Total cost was around $1.4 million and I believe $1.2 million was the approved loan, leaving $200,000.00 to recover.



The $8,000 is for testing of the wells which is mandatory for Health reasons.

Bill – Lot 5 7th Avenue – if wells are not drinkable why are we spending money on testing them weekly? This is done so SB can meet VIHA health board regulations.

Bob M – no need for potable wells – bring your water from home.

Ann – 4617 – 6th St. – stated no need to test water

SB owners are no longer able to get water from the Touquat Nation.

A good dependable water source is required and we could save the $10000 proposed filtration costs and just have the well with non potable water.

These are things that need to be addressed


Biffy (portable toilet) pumping is done at least once a week. This will only increase as activity increases at SB and a necessity to the environment.

Handicap toilet cost $1,500 and will be installed shortly.

Sani-field system repairs and maintenance – 2 pumps down – being fixed very shortly – mechanical system problems

There has been $20,000 capital budget proposed for 2012 as in 2011 which will be used for the future sani- field requirements as per the report.

There is $350,000 - $400,000 to take care of sewage upgrades over the next 5 – 7 years. This should bring us up to full development requirements.

Bob M – asked if this could be paid by lump sum just like Hydro rather than by accumulated capital funding annually. The committee will consider this.

Caroline Lennox– new technology coming around – that’s why we are saving money now for the future.


The budget amounts here reflect the activities of the tender amounts and the 2010 costs with added costs for recycling bins and separate disposal fee and transportation. The total proposed for 2012 is $27000.00 if this is not used up it goes to savings it doesn’t disappear.

Garbage – recycling program – wood, plastic costs more to dump and we need to address this.

Be careful of what you put in the garbage to keep costs down – recyclables sorted here and then take them home.


Wanda – 1154 – 6th St. – take recycling home like wood etc. – owner’s should be responsible for their garbage

Caroline – asked about the opportunity to share the cost of removing drywall etc. with other owner’s

Bill – 7th Avenue – dust control which is now in the budget – the cost of labor to do watering of the roads – so much dust

Kevin – 7th & Short – asked about moving the garbage to the gate area and has seen some owner’s bring their garbage from home to put in bins and a review of location of bins is being looked into

Ilsa – 5th – put camera in landfill


This envelope is for our park areas, silt cleanouts and boat ramp repairs

In total operating is $25,800 and $20000 capital for boat ramp expansion.

Recreation – ramp accesses etc. needs to be built up

Boat Ramp – rebuild and repair is in the area of about $10,000

It needs about 1 meter in rock size in order for it to stay in place not a cheap commodity.

Boat Launch parking is an issue and needs to be expanded

No permit from fisheries for Boat ramp proposal because we need to have a total plan before we can get the permit

Comment FYI – it costs $5/day to launch your boat at Toquat campsite


Most of this budget is for BSM wages $27,000.00 and money for hydro hook ups to our buildings $15000.00

Security is done during the week days but not on weekends as we should look out for other owner’s property

Works Yard – is being reviewed to try find some place to leave work trucks as no welding or repairs is allowed on lots that we own

ACRD has received letters from owners regarding work to be done – zone recreational. They have received a number of complaints re industrial parking of industrial equipment. A new Treaty has been signed and agreement with them to set up works yard. We can share this cost with the Nation to lower costs and lands adjacent are being looked at as rezoning an option. The lots we have purchased are not industrial.

Caroline – asked about training – moratorium for first aid

No legal answer at this time but we err on the safe side.

Anne – what is the insurance on the trailers (water) if we can’t use

The trailer is used for dust abatement by workers.

Defibulator located at Security Office is available for anyone to use. This machine does not require much knowledge as it will talk you through the use and will not work if not hooked up properly

Price C – asked where are we going with emergency services – costs too much for everybody.

We will continue to supply first aid materials but every family should have one first aider it is up to every family to look after each other.

Watch out for themselves and each other. A list of first aid volunteers will be posted on the board and the Executive Website.

We use the Good Samaritan Act as these volunteers have qualifications but can’t be held responsible for their assistance to others.


This budget is by far the largest but contains most of our activity budget.

We have proposed $30000.00 for alder removal from our areas as well as the forestry road to try to recover road material and keep the water / moisture level down reducing pot holes.

Road grading is $16000.00 no real change.

Transportation – some ditches have standing water in them and we need to continue ditching to remove this where possible.

This budget includes $10000.00 for dust control. In past we used salt water but need to review this and come up with other solutions.

We have removed major amounts for ditching because a review of how we handle the depth of hydro problems need full attention. Even in 2011.

Money as well here is being saved annually to insure we have funding for the new admin building $15000.00

Bill – it is required that culverts be 16” deep.

Yes we need to bring roads up to MOT standards and that is the size they require.

We continue to do ditching in some areas to keep water flowing many places have inadequate culverts and create problems.

Questions / Comments

Steve – 1021 – the bottom of 6th the ditch is really deep and wide – some ditches need to be deeper for flow of water

Administration Building needs lots of repairs or replacement

Bob – 1071 – 5th Ave – inquired as to if owner’s are allowed to live year round – not just 180 days


Parcel tax last year was $957 and this year $1,083

Two areas of concern - $18,000 for well by Administration Bldg and $8,000 left from last years budget

The $20,000 in Capital Budget will be reviewed and reported at the meeting in September

Any Suggestion on the programs can be given to any of the Executive for our consideration.

There are many things to consider when considering the budgets but mostly is the remoteness of our community and the costs over all are going to be higher.

Your new Executive will be working on suggestions for our September review and approval.

Price C made motion that the Board continues forward with proposal and bring back in September.

Seconded by Andy and carried

Tony also commented that this was the most organized meeting he has ever seen at Salmon Beach.

This meeting was adjourned – moved by Merle Graff and seconded by Cathy Spencer



May 22 2011

1130 hrs

Attendees: 53 lots represented and all executive members were present

Social Committee and Fund

The Social Committee Chairperson Judy Ramsden has stepped down due to medical issues. Colleen volunteered to help if someone would head it up. Jesse and Wendy will work with Colleen to get something going for the social activities. Thanks to both.

The Financial Report

Opening balance was $8626.29

There were no expenses or deposits

The balance is $8626.29

Election of officers

The existing budget committee will stand for the next year. This includes

Jill Maibach, Gina Skippen, Terry Graff, Dave Ingram and Dave Maudie

Price C had a Proxy from Mike Harrison to be nominated as member at large. This was accepted.

Bob M nominated Price C to run as member at large. Price agreed to stand.

Nominations were requested 3 times and no further nominations were received.

Since the association can have more than these seven all were elected by acclimation.


There has been much discussion on the Exec. web site and the Salmon Beach bulletin board (old Forum) as to which the SBOA should follow.

The Executive Website is a good source of communication and is similar in nature to many other towns and cities.

Price C made a motion to table the discussion on Communications until the September Meeting in order to give the Executive time to put together a comprehensive communication plan for the review/approval of the owner’s. Seconded by Ann W, carried.

Skip – Administrator of the Forum is liable for any defamation etc. not Salmon Beach Owner’s, or the SBC.


The attendance at this meeting was +/- 106 with some non owner’s attending. Lots represented were 53 as well as the new developers of 2 for 29 lots total.

Meeting adjournment moved by Carolyn Lennox carried

Meeting adjourned at 1245 hrs.