The WFRA public liability insurance policy has been arranged through Endsleigh insurance brokers. The policy is underwritten by Sportscover, (up to £10 million). The policy offers financial protection in the event of those covered by the insurance policy becoming legally liable to pay for compensation in respect of damage to third party property or injury or death to third party persons as a result of the administration, organisation and promotion of WFRA throughout the United Kingdom and all associated activities. Further information is set out below.

Public Liability .

Accidental bodily injury to third parties and/or damage to third party property arising out of the insured activities. Includes:

· Indemnity to principals

· Liability for damage to leased, hired, or borrowed premises

£10m any one occurrence

Professional Indemnity

Loss (financial or otherwise) arising out of errors and omissions. £5m any one occurrence

Directors & Officers

Personal legal protection in respect of mismanagement, including protection for the insured persons against employment wrongful acts. £1m any one period (costs inclusive)

Legal Defence Costs

Defence of criminal proceedings. £250,000 any one period

This policy covers Race Organisers, who are members of the WFRA and organise races in accordance with the WFRA’s Safety Requirements, with protection extending to marshals and helpers at these races. The policy also covers both WFRA members and non-members when competing in a WFRA race.

Insurance procedure:

• Apply to become a member of the WFRA

• Complete and return the Declaration form (which will be supplied by the Race Registration & Safety Officer: Gareth Jaggard: Tel: (07810) 808884

• Provide a copy of the Race Route. This only needs to be done the first time you apply to insure your event with WFRA, unless there are changes to the route.

• Insurance is a benefit of WFRA membership, subject to meeting the WFRA’s safety requirements

Contact details for race registration and safety queries:

Gareth Jaggard: Tel: (07810) 808884

Contact details for calendar related queries:

Calendar & Fixtures Secretary: Linda Edmondson Tel: (07961) 034716