Version 13. 11. 2015 Black Friday

FIxedproblem with saving data in history form

Print pagesetup dialog in old report

Background color in barcode dialog picture box from desktop to white

FIxed problem with events in spareparts report

Version 12. 11. 2015

Report with ListView works is finally repaired and all devices are visible in the report.

Fixed printing in both new as well as old Summary

In the selection dialog for reports appear if only authorized devices.

corrected visibility combox for Windows 7

Version 11. 11. 2015

Font FRE3OF9X.TTF is installed during setup installation

Fix problem with permission in more user.

Fix problem with open excel file records.

Fix problem with loading permission after informations change.

Version 08. 11. 2015

The installer automatically installs the necessary libraries.

Compatibility with all versions of Excel

Corrected data in the report table and it's really much faster.

Added button to kill excel application from Task Manager.

Refactoring creating codes for the device.

repair of load codes for the scanner to the database.

textbox9 removal and textbox18

data from Scanner may be in the background without active communication program. reads directly from scanner (wedge scanner)

Version 5.2.2015

separate spare parts report to new form. fixes problem.

Version 23.1.2015

report 1. remastered. faster and simpler.

Version 23.1.2015

fix report, graph, filter

Version 27.07.2014

get free

Version 15.10.2013

fix problem with permission more then one user-cross

excel clipboard

Version 13.09.2013

inheritance user settings from previous version

new report maintenance cost

maintenance individual cost form setting and work time consumption

automate load cost maintenance individual cost and work time consumption to order list

Version 8.07.2013

maximize main window case bigger listview

a new permission. in for each device can be give user permission

new device is automatically added user access. Other users must be manually added to admin In the Settings dialog4 .

a few improvements about trial form

Version 11.05.2013

90 day TRIAL version

access only user with password

three rules for user write,delete,save.

Version 01.05.2013

repair of printing barcodes, patch codes generate double.

added faster Report2.,

choice of report 1, report 2 in the settings.

added color and font option to change the font in the report 2 in the settings.

in the settings of your text is added to the title to the report.

change the background color of the storage

smaller update report 1 added title, automatic reduction logos

Version 03/27/2013 17:00

correction Print to print the report on A4

automatically select currency under Windows settings.

select the currency in setting

Improved window Spares

Remember last unit at the end.

opportunity to enter the registry number for individual reports.

when you print your logo in the left corner and your registry in the right number.

repair annual maintenance report.

After adjusting ND data are changed life.

Version 19/03/2013

report to select paper size A4 or B4 extra

Print prettier report

Sophisticated order form.

sophisticated print order form

repair email signature

change background and email applications

Sort alphabetically equipment

repair statistics graph

Version 23/02/2013

erasure correction device automatically deleted after migrating to basket

report and chart equipment selection through dialog

revised report, optimized speed, improved printing.

processing function graph.

barcode generator overhaul.

optimization delete the row.

by functions for the columned browser.

Version 31.1. 2013

added viewer records barcode

printing codes to the entire site.

change icons in the taskbar.

option to change the font and color of the browser records.

Enhance email.

changed write data + new data table browser. backward compatibility is maintained.

sophisticated editor buttons. intuitive buttons. option to copy the key names translator and subsequent insertion of titles translated back into the editor.

minimum the entire page manual browser.

Version 14th 1 2013

extended order form method of payment, mode of transport

Internal Medicine repair excel viewer

add history barcode.

change excel files from xlsx to xls

Version 5/1/2013

Deleting a row from Excel

activation of reader mode when is active when the main window only. After 10 seconds

Version 27/12/2012

processing order form. repair treatment lines. export to excel sheet.

fix on first startup error hresult

Czech repair

change display parts as checklist.

change when viewing pictures of spare parts

at inaction in passing the reading mode for usb scanner

Version 12/07/2012

correction Print

Barcode generator 39 extended

counter code and display the device

fix saving.

Version 13/11/2012

Running Hours history with charts for years with treatment history.

automatic update hour meter installation according to your desired constant daily operation of the operating hours

progresbar addition to saving Excel file.

treatment spare parts double-click directly on the replacement

new replacement is through the

change in the calculation of the amounts of whole numbers and decimals to display up to 3/10

Added search records

Improved store excel files

Version 10/13/2012

review of maintenance repair, added to the device name in the dialogue

added to the daily operation of the operating hours

record the date of last modification hour meter installations

fix the amount at a glance

ability to export report to excel ND.

in order to add text from Hlane device screen and type.

improve the print order.

change thumbnail display info about ND.

Version 10/01/2012

in establishing a new ND option to choose from the existing ones.

Overview of planned maintenance with multiple registration.

correction deleting records

repair records imagigs

simple analysis of the ng equipment components.

Bulk listing exchanges ND just check at a glance ND.

add google maps search by address contractor ND.

Version 14/09/2012

repair report

automatic signature in email. settinannual cost for parts.

repair with the new ND, stores, the price and the time needed for replacement.

Companies and parts of equipment to record

correction for multiple registration

repair print multiple pages outline ND.

added internal excel file if it is not installed ms excel

version 13/09/2012

obviate the need MSVB. powerpack 10

Version 09/11/2012

repair report showing more than once a week

create an order form. (Not necessary MSVB. Powerpack 10 in the next version of the error, on some computers it does not run.)

more settings

possibility of changing the backgrounds and characters in the report

Version 8.16 2,012

treatment option spare parts

to add cost and time of replacement of parts.

forecast costs for one piece

assessment of the actual cost of maintenance.

option to suppress writing to excel. accelerate the program. see the bottom left corner of the setup

overview of the parts on the entire screen.

in version released 06/28/2012

repair priority

corrected function graph

corrected ND

ability to rename most of the controls.

fixed bug in the chart unfinished work long message.

in version released 21/06/2012

assigning an image to ND

ND. all parts.

clear background

option to change the font in the email