version 26.2.2016

bufertext to integer, fix 0.

try catch error on click on datagridviewrow.

reset initial date of first start.

version 18.12.2015

added default SSCC, GS1 and date columns.

added sorting by date on load.

added confirmation dialog for deleting rows.

added search by GS1.

resulting more SSCC.

version 7.12.2015

Erased input table, after replacing already existing code in DB.

Scanners reinitialized when pressed new.

Timer Default value for textbox is set to 400 ms.

version 3.12.2015

added function convert unit string to double

fix problem with net weight

fix problem with edit.

fix loading dialog2 gs1 alias into table.

version 2.12.2015

fix problem with hidden textbox

added radio-button to signalize active catch textbox.

version 1.12.2015

api for catching keys is stopped when textbox scaner is active.

first date clean.

version 26.11.2015

Fix double adding columns in search data-grid.

Fix problem with integer to string error

api for catching key is not 100 % all time.Now only in background.

added all possible gtin codes and prefixes to database.

fix problem with colors when first datagrid is visible.

erase input after saving to db.

version 23.11.2015

first version officially released.