comma 08.05.2019

Program adds the missing commas based on grammar rules before:

  • correlative conjunctions
  • coordinating conjunctions
  • subordinating conjunctions
  • before interjection
  • before quotes up
  • between the same parts of speech: nouns, adjectives, numerals
  • before question tags

Program corrects:

  • missing quotation marks
  • repairs mismatch with quotation, comma, double dot
  • subordinating conjunctions that do not qualify for containing comma
  • English, Slovak and Czech language

Program identifies word classes included:

  • gerund and noun as adjective.
  • dates

download 32 bit or

download 64 bit

scan report from virus total 20.06.2016 here

According to security settings in windows, sometimes you have to run as administrator

Softpedia: "While it could use a better settings window,

Comma could provide you with valuable help

when you need to format numerous documents."

Rank: 3,5/5


Starting speed of program is determined by the rate and size of the hard disk dictionary.

Start on a flash drive takes a few seconds, older computers with HDD about 50 seconds.

The program according to the size of the dictionary in main memory takes about 350 megabytes.

Functionality of the program can be verified. There is function to remove all comma from text. Then just run.