add spare parts

add new SP to machinery parts

Click to new SP button. you can choose from existed spare parts

in display lines inscribe new replacement part and save

figure you field where did you reserve what vitality share has whether in the days of alternatively in workhours press O:K:

now spare parts figure in the country and vitality is 100 %. after the lapse of life time will be % vitality sink.

whenever on the proviso that interchange spare parts mark him included with rest and push button feather note down. vitality will be again 100 %

for right scoring vitality workhours be needed regular fill up about at workhours machinery in main windows and consequence : in consequence save

about click on spare parts at the side of he shows about at individual spare parts

add picture to each spare parts

system drag and drop. drag picture and drop about line spare parts.

view all spare parts

click to button "all spare parts"

modification spare parts

double click on item in spare parts

modified value.

at the same time is shown theoretical cost per year

If you choose to follow by year interval to interval

in operating hours will be reset and deactivate a.

The opposite is also true.

to activate the inactive interval press the arrow up and down.

for save click o.k.