history 08.05.2019


add dialog startup

fixes percent on result 4.2019

trial expand to 10000 sentences 29.6.2018

fixing Funboys conjunctions(auxiliary function removed)

fixing problem with removing one char before that and than.

words that ends with "ing" or "ed" and they are not verbs (closing were).

small refactor of like what conjunctions. 17.6.2016

fixing Funboys conjunctions(auxiliary function removed)

fixing problem with removing one char before that and than.

words that ends with "ing" or "ed" and they are not verbs (closing were).

small refactor of like what conjunctions. 11.05.2016

Comma with subordinating conjunction

  • If followed " Because, although... " after a negative sentence, comma writes mostly due to increased clarity.
  • when its comparative two things

Improved recognitions of part of speech.

Corrected adverbs.

Recognitions verbs with third person(she,he, it) 05.05.2016

transfer punctum from behind to front of conjunction. Although, =, Although

extension of the recognition date, for example, July 4

extension pronouns in Slovak.

repair loading english adverb into other languages.

repair loading names from rest Slovak dictionary. 30.4. 2016

Extension features adding removing spaces between commas and quotation marks.

Determine the part of speech of 141 words by position in the sentence 26.4. 2016

New options in setup.

Fixed bugs with adding space after comma.

Starting recognitions of word that could be more than one or two classes.

Removing subordinating conjunctions as conjunctions these have always comma before 14.4.2016

Corrected the installation path for the dictionary verbs also nouns.dic

Added menu functions for permission to correct common miss type.

repair small bugs

added new fixes common typos on braces and semicolons. 11. 4. 2016

Recognition of dates.

Corrected inputting comma between interjection and preposition and refactor between two preposition. 03. 04.2016

Was added to the English dictionary words that can also be nouns and their recognition.

Correction efforts if the point of giving the first place in the sentence.

evaluation system according to the probability at a word from the dictionary rest.

repair inclusion of certain words in dictionaries wrong. 11. 03. 2016

for Slovak and Czech: recognition of some adverbs If came from adjectives.

union recognition verbs, nouns and adjectives. 29. 02. 2016

fixed wrong recognitions independent clause

added 114 adverbs to English and recognition adverb as part of speech. 25. 02. 2016

fixed and so.

fixed Slovak conjunctions.

refactoring repeating conjunctions. 18. 2. 2016

verb that could nouns: The train as noun, because there are determiners before.

Recognition of most gerunds cases. erase gerund list and file.

adding new flag for wordclass.

Refactoring code: comma Funboys and auxiliary verbs, conjunction speed upgraded 12. 12. 2016

refactoring code, speed up recognition.

Analysis sentence after each sentence instead of the main window.

temporarily suspended the splashscreen, causing the fall of GDI 29. 01. 2016

Added 1400 unique adjectives. 19. 11. 2015

Fixed problem loading right list of conjunction when is language changed.

Fixed horizontal dialog for sometimes missing 3rd line.

Fixed loading last column interjections.

Change way how to program define flag speed up program.

Change start and last close form

Better adjectives recognitions.

Verbs with aff are detected before analysing

Added progressbar to splash-screen 12. 09. 2015

Repair of doubling words in the dictionary.

Reprocessing and a new system of automatic payments.

Change the program name from čiarka to comma.

Fix problem with crossing dictionary.

Added EULA. 10. 08. 2015

A space between the colon and quotation marks: "="

Improved identification of words. be believing found, but unbelieving anymore, while the base is believe.

Added questionnaire after uninstallation. 10. 07. 2015

revised recognizing part of speech with AFF files,

take less time and more accuracy.

at the opening file filter is set to the last file extension.

Searching in dictionaries.

New species identification from other dictionary:

  • if it is typical for the end of speech.
  • If the beginning is the word in dictionaries species.

Sk: ísť a mal to the auxiliary verbs, more pronouns.

New setup.

view parts of speech in: msgbox, table horizontally or vertically. 25. 6. 2015

Program repair mismatch word ,word to word, word

Fix problem with repeated asking noun in series

added places and names to nouns.

Repair loading verbs database .

Fix problem with changing font.

SK- Added 13000 new unique verbs.

If the noun begins with a capital letter and the subsequent word is noun, than program

ask for inputting comma. For example, Hospital association.

Comma before isnt it and similar.

Conjunction than, either, neither,

Bad flag in Czech dictionary. 26. 5. 2015

fix problem with some phrasal verbs look for = look, for and with type in, to = in to

Czech: repair and expand the number of pronouns.

SK New nouns as adjective. For example, (water level úroveň vody)

use GNU / pl aff file to improve the recognition of words class. 05 .21. 2015

Repair Not giving comma before quotes if there are already conjunction..

English correction by repeated conjunction gave not a comma before: not-but, but do, not.

Repair comma before but etc ... 18. 5. 2015

Fix problem with input comma before but and similar.

Fix problem with double conjunctions.

Fix problem with do, not.

Fix problem with registering keys. 13. 5. 2015

repair space will be added before the first sentence.

Change language in a dictionary have overwrite on the disk into another language.

The change acceptance button.

Font selection. 2. 5. 2015

Repair gaps commas. e.g. " , = ", so or so :, = so:.

insert the missing spaces between sentences. 04/03/2015

Repair gaps in the lines before inserting quotes. 3.2 2015

Added English language

Better identifications parts of speech.

fix some minor errors. 05/02/2015

indefinite numerals, improve estimation of speech, repair auxiliary commas in the conjunctions (ale aj tak). 02/02/2015

All languages ​​are in one program.

Repair differentiation Czech verb types. Some words are both a verb and a noun. 01/16/2015

Determining parts of speech had consequences for adding lines between two connectors or two pronouns.

Was added exception.

Repair comma before the conjunction 'že' followed by 'ak'

Distinction whether a noun verb base example. ban (decay) are not buying (purchase) yes, give the program a ban on buying a comma. 01/03/2015

Repair multiples numerals

Modal verbs

Expansion of the database

Acceleration of Start.

Improve the determination of parts of speech.

Opportunity to view the parts of speech via msgbox. 11/08/2014

Recognition Slovak adjectives

Evaluation of word pairs where one of them using, then the comma does not 10/24/2014

repair storage txt file

Open repair rtf file

point in the same part of speech, nouns, adjectives, numerals.

enlarge the database of 127,500 words in 600 words.

Intelligent creation of verbs infinitive as the equivalent verb is in the database. 07/17/2014

Adds quotes at the beginning of sentences.

Repair jam in quotes 07/08/2014

released the first version

program adds the missing lines in the compound sentence.

In independent sentence.

The Allocation compound sentence

The combination also well-ii, neither-nor, or-or either-or whether-or

Therefore, before the concentration and, thus, so, and yet, and yet, by, while

Before and interjections

Before quotes top

Missing quotes