bluetooth scanner

Program support data received from com port.

This can be also used for by-pass com port to blue-tooth through serial port service.

Connect mobile scanner application is easy.

On mobile set blue-tooth discovery for all devices.

On PC click on search device.

Then click on device with mouse right button click to pair device.

Click on port service and program show which com port is added for blue-tooth.

Next time you only double click on port to run serial port service.

Its possible setup in properties, automatic running service

after blue-tooth program start.

Run Barcode scanner application on mobile.

In preferences set Connection type to blue-tooth server.

Click on com port. Color change to green.

On mobile is now "connected to PC(Bluetooth)"

Start program Barcode database.

click on

First, click on stop.

From menu select the blue-tooth comport.

In my case COM10 and click to start and then OK..

Now program is ready to receive data for scanner.