With Respect In Creation

Words and music: David Kai Tune: New Denver

All creation groans as earth, our fragile home, turns in paths that lead to devastation,

Fish and bird and tree, threatened until we will live with respect in creation.

Skies and seas and land, created for God’s plan, not for our own selfish domination,

Drought or rising sea threaten until we will live with respect in creation.

All creation sighs, we hear the Spirit’s cries, calling for rebirth and restoration,

warmth for every heart, healing of each part that lives with respect in creation.

All creation sings, let fields and forests ring, as we make this holy declaration,

Mountains, lakes, rejoice, joining every voice, to live with respect in creation,

We’ll live with respect in creation.

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For the licensing fee of $5, you can copy this song for your choir or congregation. Lyric sheet, lead sheet and piano accompaniment version will be provided. An mp3 version is available for $1. To order, contact David Kai at davidwkai@gmail.com

An SATB choir anthem version is also available at this link.

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With Respect in Creation (lead sheet).pdf