Wherever You May Go

Words and music: David Kai Tune: Renaud

This song is taken from the book of Ruth, chapter 1, and might be appropriate for weddings/celebrations of life partnerships. The song was originally written to celebrate the 40th anniversary of a couple who had used this scripture passage at their wedding.

Chorus: Wherever you may go, I will follow, And your people shall be my people too,

Wherever you may go, I will follow, For I would be faithful, loyal and true.

Say the word and I will stay, I will never go away,

We will travel side by side, And God’s love will be our guide. Chorus:

From beginning to the end, I will always be your friend,

When you need me I’ll be there, You can trust my faithful care. Chorus:

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Performance time: 2:30 Level: medium-easy

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