Choir Anthems/Hymns:

Mary, Did You

Know Him?

A questioning song for Christmas, Easter, or any time. Available as a hymn/solo or as a SAB (baritone) anthem.

Words: Flora Litt Music: Wayne Irwin Arrangement: David Kai Tune: Irwin

Mary, did you know him, when as a babe so small,

you held him to your bosom in the midnight cattle stall?

Did you know the young boy Jesus, of keen and curious mind,

was questioning and learning to understand our kind?

Mary, did you know him, standing on the mountain side?

He was teaching, touching, healing, reaching out to those who cried.

Did you know the man, Christ Jesus come to help us and to see,

the harmony of time and space that life was meant to be?

Mary, did you know him, the one they called a king,

riding lowly on a donkey list'ning to the children sing?

On that final painful Friday when you shed your tears with John,

Oh Mary did you understand or was he just your son?

Oh Mary did you understand or was he just your son?

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Level: medium Performance time: 2:33

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