What Would Jesus Drive?

A light-hearted look at another form of WWJD - with a subtle environmental message as well.

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CHORUS: Oh what would Jesus drive, Oh what would Jesus drive? I ponder every day as I go through it.

Though many folks are asking, “Well, what would Jesus do?” I’m wondering just what would drive him to it

I thought at first that Jesus would have to drive a car, Like a Chevrolet, a Chrysler or a Ford,

But I looked it up in Acts and it’s mentioned there in John, Jesus and the disciples were all in one Accord. Chorus.

God gave this great green earth, but we’ve re really messed it up, It pains God’s heart and spirit just to see us.

Since God so loves the birds and the lilies of the field, I think that Jesus just might drive a Prius. Chorus: