Midnight Sharpness, Starfields, Fading

This hymn is found at #181 in Voices United, the Hymn and Worship book of the United Church of Canada.

Words: Neil Lemke Music: David Kai Tune: Tashme

Midnight sharpness, starfields, fading, creeping hues engulf the east,

strips of gravecloth cloud reflecting faintest lines in crimson grey.

Herald Dawn's first heartbeat glowing, blood-red streaks of fire flow

'cross the fields of furrowed labour, signs of living, promise, hope.

Cold of winter, dark of evening, cannot crush the light-seed sown,

flames on frozen, dew-wrapped grasses, sparkling tears of Joy Unknown:

Christ is risen! Christ is risen! Shout O skies! Rejoice O fields!

Hallelujah! Jesus! Saviour! Let the Bells of Morning peal!

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Midnight Sharpness, Starfields, Fading (melody).pdf