Fear Not, For I Am With You

This hymn based on Isaiah 41:10 is one of three winners of the 2021 SOCHS – RCCO Centre Hymn Competition (Southern Ontario Chapter of the Hymn Society – Royal Canadian College of Organists), taking top honours for Original Hymn Text and Tune with piano or instruments other than organ.

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Words and Music: David Kai © 2021

Tune: Schreiber*


Fear not, for I am with you,

Be not dismayed, for I am near,

I will strengthen, I will help you,

Uphold you, cast away your fear.

In the night of weeping I am with you,

Holding ‘til you reach the morning bright,

In the day of storms I am beside you,

Guiding ‘til you find the rainbow’s light.


Enemies surround you, do not fear them,

They can never harm the hope within,

Friends will soon abound to hold, support you,

Love in just community will win.


Cruelty and selfishness astound you;

When will we perceive the kindom come?

All the world’s injustices confound you,

We shall overcome working as one.


*It is my custom to name my hymn tunes after internment camps and ghost towns where Canadians of Japanese descent were interned during the Second World War. In this way I hope that these historic places and injustices will not be forgotten. Schreiber is a town in northern Ontario where my father was interned to work on the construction of the Trans-Canada highway.