We Are a Rainbow

Words and music by David Kai

This new hymn is especially appropriate for Affirming Ministries. The hymn draws on rainbow and rainbow-coloured imagery in the Bible, and the imagery of light which is composed of rainbow colors. The hymn suggests that Affirming Ministries have a badly needed light which they can proudly share with the world.


We are a rainbow, sign of covenant and peace,

For the flood of tears will finally cease to be,

Come shine your rainbow, splash your hues across the sky,

Paint the world in colours proud and bold and free.

This hymn has been published by the Hymn Society in the US and Canada in an online hymnary called "Songs for the Holy Other"; click here to access this resource.

Versions with US spellings are available as well. The hymn may be used without charge with your congregation. Please report any use to CCLI or One License. An SATB anthem version is also available. A $10 licensing fee allows you to copy the anthem for your church choir. To order, contact David Kai at davidwkai@gmail.com

To see a sample of the anthem, click here.

To see a sample of an octavo version of the anthem graciously prepared by David Jafelice, Music Director at Northlea United Church in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, click here. If you are interested in expert music engraving, please contact David at davidjafelice@gmail.com

Click on the link below to see and download lead sheets, accompaniment versions, lyric sheets and an SATB hymn version.

To watch a video of the hymn version, click here.

We Are a Rainbow - Octavo sample.pdf
We Are a Rainbow (anthem sample).pdf
We Are a Rainbow (lyrics).pdf
We Are a Rainbow (acc.).pdf
We Are a Rainbow (lead sheet).pdf
We Are a Rainbow SATB.pdf