The Great Healer

This fun song was written when heart transplants were fairly new and still in the news. The song depicts the healing ministry of Jesus brought into modern times. Since people like to put music into categories, the style could be roughly described as being country/bluegrass/synth-driven/gospel pop, which might make it pretty unique!

The song was first recorded by the Christian rock group, Whitestone at the Master’s Workshop studio in Toronto. The members of Whitestone were: Marc Cooper (lead guitar), Jim Dell (vocals, guitar), John Dell (drums), David Kai (keyboards), Tony Melles (vocals), Nancy Mohr (vocals), Detlef Sertl (bass). It was later recorded by the Sellwoods gospel group. The members of the Sellwoods at the time were: Mike Barnhart (drums), Bob Culp (vocals, synth), Marj Culp (vocals), David Kai (keyboards), Kathy Sellwood (vocals), Reed Sellwood (bass).

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The Great Healer words and music by David Kai ©1980

I’ve had a heart transplant with a bit of a difference, it may seem rather odd

No scalpel, no surgeon, no anesthetic, just between me and God

And now a new life beats inside of me, it’s more than mere words can describe

My heart keeps time to the rhythm of the Spirit inside

Well I went fishing for the truth to life, but I opened up a can of worms

False religions and philosophies, misleading me at every turn

Well I soon realized that knowledge is fine, but it’s really just a place to start

‘Cause you can change your mind but it’s God that has to change your heart

Chorus: Yes, he’s the great healer, in a world of pain and strife, he’s the great healer, and he can mend a broken life

And though your hurts be too much to bear, he can heal your wounds with loving care

And give you a new life that will never die

So if you feel that you’ve lost all your reason to live, good and bad look the same

And you’re walking around more dead than alive, life clotting up in your veins

Just end your confusion, accept a transfusion of love from the heavenly Lord

And to your surprise you’ll find that you have been restored Chorus:

I’ve had a heart transplant with a bit of a difference...