Epidemic Index

Monitoring the Pandemic Spread Globally

This research has been initiated by the following important question, motivated by the current Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic:

Can we estimate the efficacy of the government medical and social preventive measures by a single number?

An epidemic index (EPI) is proposed as an answer such a question.

The EPI index is a type of the current reproduction number R_0, the current transmission rates, or the infection rates.

The EPI represents the current rate of the epidemic spread.

When the infection rates are greater than 1, the epidemic may grow exponentially.

Hence, the target is to get the value of the EPI index below 1.

Notation: EPI - Epidemic Index; ERI -Epidemic Risk Index.

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Epidemic Index data

November 2021

The countries in the lists have progressively been chosen to fill in the top 50 states in the new daily cases.

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Selected countries: Top 10

Selected countries: Western Europe