Animation !!!

Here compiled under this heading, are the links to the animation that I have completed to date.

Essentially, there are two animation projects : one was

HYPOTHERMIA / My Kayak Prayer ,

and the other is the continuing animated series


HYPOTHERMIA / My Kayak Prayer is on this site, but the link for the HESUS JOY CHRIST animation takes you to its own site.

If you have any difficulty navigating amongst these sites and sub sites please do not hesitate to express your frustration to me at .

Thank you for your interest !!

Here I have posted miscellaneous animation I have done over the years, on this website page, just for the novelty of it !

This animation collection is missing things like:


Jumping Off a Box

Water Feature

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Sheridan College - First Year of Classical Animation - 1993-1994

Animation Portfolio 1999

Wolf and Jackson

A Car Chase For Brian

Kayak Paddle Around


Faces of Dave Foster

Tina's Yellow Bike

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