Custom Animation Services

Custom Animation Services

All and any discussion of animation is welcomed!!! Please direct any queries or correspondence to R. David Foster personally at .

Whether a commercial spot or novel addition to your video or website, I am available to provide animation for your soundtrack, similar to the animation throughout this website, with deliverables in the form of an AVI file, again for the rate of $10.00 per hour plus expenses and tax.

Generally, I budget ten minutes per drawing, amounting to 6 drawings per hour, and this includes any layout, multiple levels of drawing in the animated image, scanning, and colouring, as well as final processing to create youranimation.avi !!

Keep in mind that there are generally twelve drawings per second, 30 seconds in a commercial, amounting to 360 “drawings” for a 30 second spot. Three hundred and sixty drawings, at six drawings per hour works out to 60 hours or roughly three weeks, with your budget nominally about $ 600.00 plus expenses and taxes. Expenses may run to about $120.00, and taxes on $ 720.00 at 13% are $ 94.~ . Roughly $ 1000.00 would definitely cover everything.

If that seems oppressive, keep in mind that a cycle, such as Tina's Yellow Bike, was only twelve drawings, repeated over and over, so it only required a budget of $ 20.00 plus expenses ( there were none, other than 12 sheets of paper ), and taxes. Try to guess how many drawings are in A Car Chase for Brian ** The idea is that, as in the HESUS JOY CHRIST animation, there are many ways to economise to bring your animation in within your budget. The important thing is to contact me and we can work out something that suits your budget. Talk is cheap, so let's talk. I love to work on other peoples ideas to bring them to life !! Please review my sample contract, timeline and budget on this Animation Services page, and then contact me for clarification and to address your specific needs.


°There were only five drawings – one tree, one car, and three sets of wheels !

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