Brutal Awareness

Tuesday March 3rd, 2009 09:37 am

Brutal awareness

That's the whole lot

Of all the problems

You'll decide you've got

Live through your life

Full division and strife

Awareness at all

Still's some to recall

And when you do

It'll be clear to you

Awareness is all

That matters to fall

From projection before

To reluctance past

The arc of your life

Is just but a glance

Limited unlimited

That is the eye

Of the being of Man

Justify, sanctify

To exist is to limit

To live is eternal

A glitch in the system

No system's worth all

From glory we come

To sieve through this state

Of existence eternal

A knock's at the gate

Who could it be

We ask to relate

To open and see

Is more than tempt fate

Copyright R David Foster 2009