--- Perhaps now I might get somewhere for Matthew's Sixth Sense that will need this developed so much more!!!

Bouncing Stuff for a start !

48 frame bouncing ball

40 frame box thrown away, inbetweened by computer

The Spirit of One

Still image 01 2014-02-21

Still image 02 2014-02-21

3D Computer Animation is unable to resolve the rotation of the Spirit of One

This illustrates how the Blender 3D animation software cannot resolve the rotation of the torus all the way around ! There is a "kink" that occurs half way around !

To accomplish this, I will instead, "cut" 24 of each of two tori to create still images that will be compiled into a video file to animate this Spirit of One, from HESUS JOY CHRIST.

It is interesting to note, that the same method can be done on paper in two dimensions, to create the same transparent image, and would not take any longer than this same method on the 3D computer software.

Computers cannot animate - only people can animate !!

Here is the first frame of 24 frames, from two different camera angles. This is the first of the 24 still frames that will make up the animated image.