17 Songs at the end of 2008

These 17 songs were written by the end of 2008. Keep in mind the idea of a koan when considering these lyrics. Most of these songs are to the tune of folk or pop songs, as noted.

You'll google better than I can link the one's I don't have the rights to copy here. Wikipedia is pretty good.

01 Old Can of Duh An anthem

02 The Bored's Pryor A prying prayer

03 Jesus Loves Me Too Still I Know An adult's children's hymn

04 Lawn Maintenance Whoopee ! A landscaper's lament

05 Ain't Gettin' Out A landscaping crew leader's lament

06 Unpop'lar Audio A landscaper trimmer's psalm of praise

07 whistling Yellow Briton Maisie whistling the tune The Yellow Rose of Texas

08 Murphy's Law Land A lyric of a master and his apprentices

09 Myself I Work For Nothing Labouring in the field

10 Yellow Briton Maisie An inside view of what it takes

11 Picken' Up De Bris A landscaper's winter lament

12 The Lament as ACTDAP My two Psalms of Lament, and Psalm 137

13 Lord of Creation A Hymn from the Catholic Book of Worship # 498

14 The Men Who Don't Fit In A poem by Robert Service

15 God Made Love to Me Today A personal relationship

16 Bares I'll have to think about how to describe this one !

17 If A poem by Rudyard Kipling